Jordan Grainger and Ellova Palava were not pleased by the time they arrived at the complex, neither of them; the Sambabus had broken down just after they’d turned off the Main Road, mere minutes after they’d cleverly managed to evade capture by the police for their part in the robbery of the bank.

Jordan spent two hours trying to find the fault, which turned out to be a connection that should never have come loose coming loose – which Jordan put down to the poor state of the road on Esplanade Boulevard and the lack of suspension on the Sambabus.

Ellova left Jordan at the reception, and walked up the stairs to her room on the sixth floor; Jordan joined Matthew Mist and Moonbeam in the lounge.

“I saw you at the bank earlier,” Moonbeam said whilst sipping from a cup of tea, still wearing his running clothes but considerably drier, adding, “talking to that policeman.”

“That was a close call,” Jordan said, in all innocence, “how we managed to get away from that is beyond me… ‘specially when the two from the Pincham Mob came running out of the bank while the policeman was there – he let us go so he could deal with the robbery.”

“And that doesn’t strike you as odd…” Moonbeam asked, looking squarely and accusingly into Jordan’s face, who merely frowned; “surely he’d need you to stick around for statements, not let you drive away… but more to the point, he didn’t stop the robbery; it’s been on the local news…  somebody got away with the vault load of notes, less the ones left scattered on the wind.”

‘Suspects’ has been written for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Strike’.

Part six of this ongoing story featuring the Co-Ordination of Supervillains is here, part five here, with part four here; part three here, part two here, and part one, here.

18 thoughts

    1. My research told me a Sambabus is like an old camper van with windows all the way around, and wanting something that looked as though it would break down, I went with that! 😄
      I don’t think Moonbeam trusts anyone… mind you, they are all supervillains.
      Thanks, Jenne.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re the dodgiest lot, Icewolf.
      At the moment, I’m going for images that tend to belie their dodginess. As with all supervillains, their true selves will show through eventually… 🙂


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