I awoke, bookmark on my chest, book with pages splayed beside me; the lamplight brighter than the remaining daylight outside, indicating I’d slept for a good couple of hours.

The rain pelted the window, reminding me of the waterfall in the dream; well, the sound of the waterfall as it met the crystal clear reflective pool beneath it… I watched my reflection dance through each ripple as the gentle tides lapped the edge.

Each bob constantly morphing my reflection, changing my expression slightly – one time happy, another confused… perplexed… empty… angry… neutral… calm.

As I peered deeper into the reflection, through my eyes which remained open regardless of whatever shape my face morphed into, I could see different images; thoughts; times; people.

Previous and future lives played out between the ripples – memories of this lifetime, faded and distant, yet possible futures oddly crystal clear for a second or two, then just a swirl of mirrored confusion.

I flick through the book to find the page where I last remember reading, mark the page and close it – the future may well be a mess of swirly confusion, but it’s my future, and it starts right now – and as always, nothing is as it seems.

Posted for Six Sentence Stories, the theme this week is ‘Bookmark’.

16 thoughts

    1. Thanks, HC!
      I just wanted a quick dip into the positive dreamworld with this one, looking at how we can shape our own futures! 🙂


  1. Great dream sequence, Tom – thoughtful and poetic. It made me think back to one of the haiku below Spira’s story: spectres of the past do not govern the future ‘less we grant consent On you go then, off into the future you will make and ‘where nothing is as it seems’. Great story.

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  2. Excellent job portraying the loosened bounds of reality in those moments between dreams and ‘damn I better do a good job with this class/job/relationship’.

    (liked the little frill of “…lamplight brighter than the remaining daylight outside” Nice!

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  3. Enjoyable foray into the world of the not quite in-between, Tom.
    I too really liked the opening sentence. A not unfamiliar experience to fall asleep while reading and wake to realize dreams and hours later you’d fallen asleep. It is the perfect opportunity to “explore”.

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