Silently waiting
In a world of my own
Time stands still
As the winds gently blow
The rustle of the grass
The swaying of the trees
The shimmering of the water
Nature likes to please
Just sit calmly
And watch… and wait
Look on in awe…

See the next surprise
Nature has in store

17 thoughts

  1. Ok, picture this…hot coffee, note pad and pen, water sound from a small fountain next to me, listening to Koto music…your Haiku arrives…in perfect synchronicity!
    Thank you Tom.

    (Title of music at the moment of arrival: Accented Flower …)

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  2. “In a world of my own”… sounds familiar! Reminds me of lying out on the grass outside the University listening to the sounds of summer in the distance…the sounds of nature in the sun and the swish of the car tyres on the concrete in the roads in the distance…sometimes you can hear the ice cream van tinkling and the planes far away above the 🌎…close the eyes 👀 and dream I say!

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