Can’t remember if I posted this before, I can’t see it in my Media folder if I have, so I’m posting it today under the title Summer Abstract. It’s a digital finger painting done on a mobile phone note app.

Just spreading a bit of brightness, really.

12 thoughts

    1. Thanks Jo… I’m always trying to spread a bit of bright in one way or another! I’m treating myself to a long weekend, starting Wednesday, so it’s a rather fine week, yes!
      I’m sure you’re enjoying your week! 🙂


    1. I miss that app, Icewolf.
      The version on my new mobilius phoneus is more corporate and doesn’t come with that ability. Being the corporate person what I am, that change has no effect on me. Grrr.
      Oh, thank you by the way.


  1. Ah yes…the disappearance of one’s preferential tools…yes…I know that one well….my deepest condolences 🙏Tom…I understand very well the deep rooted pain and damage this trying experience can unleash on the creative mind and spirit…😊😵‍💫

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