The days are long
The nights are hot
The south is sunny
The north is not*
The henge is busy**
Over fields green
And lands are cliffy***
(Where they’re seen)
The tides are cool
The waters clear
The kids are screaming
The ice-cream man’s here!****
The sky is bright
The ground is warm
And in the night
There comes a storm*****
‘Though soon enough
Through the days in the sun
Summer’s once again
Over before it’s begun!******

A bit of a nonsense list poem here, based on Midsummer which falls on Friday 24th June here, this year (local listings may vary depending on where you are!)

*This actually isn’t true. It’s very sunny today, and the hottest day of the year so far, and I’m in the north.

**Some henges are busier than others at this time of the year. The Grinds’ Henge (pictured) comes alive at Midsummer.

***I couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme with busy, and ‘cliffy’ fits in with the theme of the land, although not everyone has immediate access to a cliff.

****I haven’t actually heard any kids for many a year shouting when the ice-cream man comes around, maybe they just expect one now.

*****Night-time storms are fabulous, aren’t they? All that thunder and lightning to keep you awake when you have to get up early the following morning. They’re still fabulous though, all the same.

******Meaning the days start to get shorter again after Midsummer… the days get hotter though, right the way up until November nowadays.

21 thoughts

  1. This is wonderful! I LOVE “cliffy”, and Yes, storms are fabulous for poets–as long as they don’t create devastation in other folks’ lives. I dread the summer heat–last year it was judged “Historic” in the Pacific NW, US…lots of people died due to no air conditioning. I don’t have it, but I survived miserably with fans 🙂 I’ve stocked up on water, just in case we have a rerun of 2021. I’m enjoying your poetry–have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks again, Staarlz. It can get rather warm, can’t it? I don’t have air conditioning either, but three fans. I don’t think it gets as hot here as it does where you are, but it’s hot enough. The fans help, and keeping the sunlight out of one room does too… or so I tell myself!
      Hope you’re having a good weekend also. 🙂

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  2. Nice poetry Tom.
    Storm, eeh? Few days ago, there was a big one as I was writing…when thunder becomes your punchline and lightning your exclamation mark, you know …you are home.

    (love the asterisks …now, where have I seen them before lol)

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  3. Fun poem, Tom! I too enjoyed the outbreak of asterisks. 🙂

    Heavy rain overnight and this morning, but no accompanying Son et Lumiere… brightening up now, which I find pleasing, while looking forward to our winter solstice on Tuesday! Thereafter 2 months of the chilly and damp.

    Grab your spatula this lunchtime: strange stuff going down at the SSC&B and it seems you may have the explanation…

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    1. Ooh, I’m out of time it seems (not out of time as in no time left, but out of time as in out of order!), and have already been to the SSC&B, I can sense a hole brewing in the background though. Simmering away. 🕳 <- 🤣
      I wonder why it’s midwinter on Tuesday, Chris, and midsummer on Friday… 🤔
      Must have a timey wimey reason somewhere…. (Spellchecker’s playing up again – it wanted time wimpy just then! 🤣)

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  4. Summer hits us in different ways. The storms scare me the most. Open concept homes don’t provide many inside halls to hide in. I am on telephone call for recorded weather alert aka Tornado! Get them in the middle of the night and I run to unplug the computer if lightning strikes. I don’t trust anything. Then I can’t get up off the floor. Hiding under the table might be the best place.
    OH, before I forget …. I like your poem. 🙂

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  5. We dont get as many ice-cream vans around here as often, perhaps one every two weeks… I remember when my children small they arrived most afternoons after school time..
    Great poem Tom… Loved it 🙂

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  6. Great poem, Tom! There is an ice cream man that visits our complex twice a month. It’s fun for the children that live here, and the adults too. Summer is too hot for me and we’re having a heat wave this week with triple digits. I am ready for fall and Halloween!

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    1. Eugenia, my comments on your site seem to be vanishing again!
      I left a message over there saying this, and that vanished too! (Should’ve thought on, thinking about it! :D)
      Thought I’d let you know here as well! 🙂


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