Is very wise
And may have seen through
My disguise
‘Though my disguise
Does what it tries
(But very little
Around the eyes)
And in my guise
Therein, there lies,
From the realm of
Hidden spies,
A writer’s word
To fantasize
(Nay crystalize)
The odd events
As they arise…

Or words to that effect.

Ladysighs has recently gathered together all of the Six Sentence Story writers outside of Ye Olde Six Sentence Story Book Shoppe for a photo shoot, and inferred one of those gathered may be an imposter or a master of disguise. Not having any kind of clue as to whom she was referring, this post sprung to mind, which may or may not clarify the situation. The bookshop part of the above image has been created by Ladysighs… the rest of it merely appeared out of the ether.

21 thoughts

    1. Things become crystal clear over time, Chris, don’t they? 😀
      Thanks, Chris… the poem doesn’t really flow as poems should, and I’d love to say that was deliberate – but it wasn’t! 🙂

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      1. Allow me to disagree about your musicality- have you ever had some of your writings read to you?
        There is flow and rythm there mate.
        Therefore, H aharp it wil be!🙂

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        1. You’re allowed to disagree! 🙂
          I can write with flow (at times!), but put me near anything musical and…
          I’m transported back to my first day in music class at school… the teacher was allocating musical instruments… one look at me and he gave me two blocks of wood to knock together. Put me off music for life, that did… although it did help me with flow! 😊🤣

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          1. I know exactly what you mean…It’s 2 am for me now and my blood already boils from the stories, personal and not, about teachers who act without the slightest understanding of their ability to elevate or scar at any given moment…
            I hear ya…still it is my (proven) belief that all you need to create music is a beating heart, a present mind and someone to open that door for you in a way that suits you and only you.
            {end of rant}

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            1. An excellent rant it is too!
              I doubt I will kick start my dormant musical abilities now, but if I do, I’m sure the Universe will find some way to open that door for me! 🙂
              However, it’s too late at night / early in the morning for boiling blood, so relax and cool it down; there are a lot more good teachers out there, and not necessarily those who work in schools.

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