I pop my head through the doors to the bar, catching the last of Nick (the Gatekeeper)’s words “…how hard can it be…?” which, oddly, was my last thought as I looked at the instructions and ingredients for the quality food that is usually produced at the Six Sentence Café & Bistro.

Ford was playing some music, and Clark getting things ready on the bar for what, he said, was going to be a really busy night, what with the girls going off somewhere for a night out; I duck back into the kitchen and press the button to switch on the grills, instead finding it to be for the dishwasher… not the best start. Eventually, I find the control switch to the grills, burners and ovens, and as I wait for them to get to their required temperature, I look for the fridge, but in a room where everything is highly polished stainless steel it isn’t easy.

I find a door in one of the alcoves in a far corner marked larder, pull it open slowly and wince as the squeaky creak echoes around the quiet kitchen, and I’m showered in dust and cobwebs; inside, the larder is empty – no cupboards, shelves, fridges, and most importantly food.

I’m going to have to get really creative here tonight, I tell myself as I close the complaining door to Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, and reach into my back pocket to retrieve my tattered copy of the Wizard’s Pocket-sized Handbook from 1984, which I knew would come in handy one day; I flick through the pages, randomly – and, I’d like to say by chance, but we all know nothing is by chance – stopping on the page headed Feeding the Five Thousand.

Although when done originally, there was something to start with, tonight in the kitchen I have fresh air… I turn off the grills (they won’t be needed now) and look at the incantation to create a feast out of nothing… once again, I hear the words how hard can it be?

Posted for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Control.

This is a ‘walk-on’, a parallel continuation of an ongoing scene from the Six Sentence Café & Bistro started over on The Wakefield Doctrine.

24 thoughts

  1. Lol…. Not alot can be made out of fresh air Tom…. But who knows what concoctions are in that Wizards hand book of 1984, Is there a chapter on the Hunger Games? Hope you have a spade and some earth along with a few seeds… I think the Five Thousand may need to scatter a few.. 😉
    Sending thoughts and I enjoyed your muse Tom..

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    1. Pleased you like this little trip to the Bistro, Sue, where absolutely anything is possible! Maybe the Hunger Games is on the next page, I’ll look to that if this doesn’t work! 😉


  2. Excellent!
    The Café did well having you as sorcerer chef de cuisine on the night Denise and Jenne and Mimi and Chris took off… Legends maybe born in the wee hours of the morning, but are usually told and re-told in the early evening.
    Fun Six, yo

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    1. Thanks, Clark… I had intended to add a comment to your part, but have problems doing so on the mobile app, and then I was beaten by the clock! I shall try again tomorrow when I have more time.


        1. I need to be on the PC for that, though… reading on the browser on my mobile makes the page far wider than the screen, and I end up scrolling left, right, up and down, and by the time I’ve got back to where I was, I’d forgotten what I read!
          It’s all fun though… and there’s still the way around it!

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