What’s odd about this Odd Square? It isn’t odd!

I think it’s more dreamy than odd. It’s tranquil, calming, relaxing – three ways to describe it; and three is an odd number, so we’ll leave it there.

This photo, I think, is my favourite of Tufty the Duck. Tufty used to be a regular sight on the Lake. He was the only tufted duck in visitation, so really the odd one out, although he seemed to be at ease amongst the flocks of other ducks, geese and birds that made the Lake their home.

It was a few years until Mrs Tufty made an appearance, but when she did it wasn’t long before they both ventured to lakes anew. Probably one with a sandy beach somewhere, a waterfall and a south-facing view.

Tufted ducks don’t quack, like other ducks. They kind of tweet or chirp, and when they’re surrounded by a chorus of other birds it can be quite difficult to hear them – when they decide to speak that is.

They’re divers, and elegantly leap up into the air from their floating position, suddenly doing a sharp u-turn and dip head-first into the water, only to reappear in another part of the Lake a few seconds later… which tells me they are just as good under the water as they are on it.

The square for today’s post comes from a larger image, which I’ve included above. If you look very carefully, you may see Mrs Tufty swimming into view, over to the right there.

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24 thoughts

    1. I know, VK, I know! I did try to make it clear that it wasn’t an odd square post, but maybe that didn’t come across as clearly as I intended… 😉

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    1. The breed is a tufted duck, Isadora, they have a ponytail like tuft of hair on the back of their heads. Tufty is the name I gave to this cute chap!

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