Whether the weather be good
Or whether the weather be not
Whatever the weather be
Is whatever the weather we got!

I’m not sure if I remember this little rhyme from a long time ago, or have just made it up, but there it is! Posted for Debbie’s One Word Sunday… the theme, Weather.

17 thoughts

        1. Certainly friendly, VK. All the critters in those bushes were! I got too close to a bee once with my camera and it just flew towards me suddenly to tell me to back off, and when I moved back slightly it carried on doing what it was doing. It didn’t really mind me being there, just not too close… just like the bedraggled chap in the photo!


  1. That wee creature looks like he’s got a hat on, Tom.
    The sun has got his hat on
    Hip hip hip hip hooray
    The sun has got his hat on
    And he’s coming out to play!


  2. A fun little rhyme to accompany your perfect weather pic.
    The insects eyes are captivating. Great capture … 🤩
    Belated Happy New Year Wishes to you Tom … I hope this coming year
    is filled with joyful memories, laughter, good friends, minimum sorrows,
    and many moments of shared love. Stay safe 😷 Isadora 😎


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