It’s One Word Sunday once more, and this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Dizzy’.

I avoided my first thought of having yet another Selfie of me to illustrate the theme, but as I was out and about this morning I noticed the weather once more. Gone is the Storm Arwen which battered our shores (and places inland!) the other night, and it has been replaced by… snow.

OK, when I was out and about, it was desperately trying to snow, with the odd flake falling here and there, but by the time I got back to the Mansion, the snow was falling heavily, huge flakes, with a potential to settle.

As the snowfall was mesmerisingly dizzying I thought I’d grab a photo of it for this week’s theme.

That said, however, was easier than the doing. I have a ‘professional settings’ option thingy on the camera on my Mobilius Phonius, not that I know how to use them (I don’t even know what the terms mean to begin with, so already I was off to a flying start!) I selected one, thinking it sounded like the professional correct option to use, looked over to the hedge, and tried to catch a likeness of the falling snow. The heavy, dizzying, falling snow.

Obviously, I failed miserably. Neither does the snow look like snow, nor the hedge looks like a hedge. I think the paler blurs are snow, although the image doesn’t exactly capture how heavy the snowfall was. Mind you, it was falling quickly, so perhaps I’d used the wrong speed setting on the camera. Yes. I’d used the wrong speed setting on the camera.

Maybe I should have gone with the Selfie in the first place.

10 thoughts

    1. Luckily, it’s stopped again for now.
      I had my first piece of pumpkin pie last night, Beverly, at a Thanksgiving dinner to boot! Two new experiences in one go… and now it snows, which it hasn’t done for a number of years here…

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    1. My phone can do things phones shouldn’t really be able to do, Diane! All of it just above my level of technical expertise, but I have to have a play! 😊
      We’ve now gone up to two degrees here, so it’s almost Summer again!

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