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    1. Thanks, Chris. I’m following on from Paul’s example and expanding my Universe over there. I’ll soon have so many incomplete stories to return to and add a line or two to, things will undoubtedly begin to grow (or get very complicated and confusing!) Braccaneerring at its best!
      I’ve added a link to Wattpad on my Storylines page, for ease of access!

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      1. So pleased you’re writing again, Tom 😁 …and following Paul’s lead… something I apparently suggested over coffee and cake, though I’d forgotten! I shall pop over and read your story with my mid-morning coffee ☕Meanwhile, I have a bit of re-jigging to do on the final chapters of my novel due to over-enthusiastic Braccanneering.
        New word for you ‘word-peddler’😉😊

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        1. It is a good use of WP (the other WP, not this one!), Chris, and it keeps everything together separately, if you know what I mean.
          I’ve fuddled my mind this morning, so I’ve decided to have a couple more hours sleep!
          Oh, and yes… I think there should be at least one new word created daily! 🙂


    1. I’m sure it will, Tilly. It doesn’t feel quite the right time to return fully just yet, but I keep popping in often. I’m sure I’ll be back soon…

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    1. My pleasure, Jo. I saw your like on someone else’s post this morning when I popped into the Reader for a second, and remembered you saying you were starting a new blog, so had to refollow you lest I forget. I’ll be popping by properly soon… Happy Saturday!


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