DC’s Dawnstar: Restrained

“Absolutely remarkable!”

Ryan and Kate stood from the sofa as Jacob peered into the eyes of Dawnstar, ignoring everyone else in the room. George walked in and glanced at Mabel, who had also stood from her chair. She frowned as she looked at George, who said nothing.

Jacob, with his right hand, gripped Dawnstar’s jaw and turned her face into the lamplight. “Absolutely remarkable. Such a find. And to think, it came here, to us. Fascinating. It must come with me immediately, of course, so I can do further studies. Take further notes.”

Ryan looked at Kate, who in turn watched Jacob intently.

“Now, just a min…” George said, but was interrupted as soon as he started speaking by Jacob.

“Yes. Kate, help me to get it to the car immediately.” He looked then at Mabel. “And yes, you all will need to come with me as well. You could have been subject to all kinds of contamination. This is absolutely fascinating!” Finally, he released his grip on Dawnstar’s face.

Dawnstar immediately grabbed his wrist, tightly. “Touch me like that one more time, and you will find my actions even more fascinating!” Dawnstar said firmly.

“I… er…” Jacob stuttered, “it speaks?”

“Ryan, please take Dawnstar to the kitchen.” George said. “Mabel, you go with them. As for you, Kate, you will stay and explain yourself, and you, Jacob, can sit yourself down on that sofa and shut up.”

“Explain myself? Mr Green, what…?” Kate started to feel flustered.

“Yes indeed, young lady. I ‘eard you from the bottom of the stairs tellin’ our Ryan that this Jacob and the labs he works for do mind experiments. You told our Ryan not to tell me or ‘is Nan, and that you were sworn to secrecy. In the next instant he’s here, and wanting to take her away. We only wanted to know what would be done to her if she were found. We don’t want to hand her over to anyone, yet that’s basically just what you’ve done, by bringing ‘im here.”

“But he’s the best, Mr G!” Kate said, with a little too much gusto as she looked over to Jacob, who sat on the sofa saying nothing.

“Whatever is going on between the two of you is none of my business.” George said calmly. “But Dawnstar is a visitor, and what happens to her is my business.”

“Our business, love.” Mabel walked back into the living room. “You were such a lovely young girl, love.” Mabel looked at Kate, “before you became one of those fillyfallyers.”

“Metaphysician.” Kate simply said to Jacob. She turned back to look at Mabel. “Look, Mrs Green, yes, I am now a scientist, and I am working with Jacob here, and we are investigating these meteorite explosions. We certainly weren’t expecting to find an alien, however, and she does need to be studied. For viruses if nothing else.”

“Well why didn’t you say so when you first got here? Why didn’t you tell our Ryan?” Mabel asked. “Instead of pretendin’ somethin’ else.”

“But Mrs G, I’m not pretending. I wasn’t. I am back home for a holiday. We were expecting another meteorite collision, but not here, and not yet. Not after the one a couple of weeks ago.” Kate sat beside Jacob. “In that last collision, Jacob and I worked out where the meteorite landed, and I went over to the Pennines and found it. A small pouch or pocket or something, with a charred piece of metal and a black rock inside. I handed them over to Jacob so he and his team could do their research on them.” George noticed Jacob close his eyes when Kate finished her sentence.

“So, Jacob. You have a team as well. Should we expect them to come knocking at the door soon?” George looked at Mabel. “Did you know anything about the earlier meteorite thing?”

“No love. I can phone our Sheila an’ see if she knows anythin’ if you like.” Footsteps behind her caused Mabel to stop speaking, and she looked around as Ryan and Dawnstar both returned to the living room.

“We can’t stay out there.” Ryan said. “Especially as this concerns Dawnstar.”

“I’ve decided to go with you.” Dawnstar said, to Jacob.

“No, love, you can’t.” Mabel said, shocked. “They’ll chop you up!”

“But with all respect, Mabel, your scientists may be able to help me to get back to my time, somehow. Although,” Dawnstar looked at Jacob, “your science in this time is very primitive.” She looked back at Mabel and smiled. “But your kindness is an asset to the people of your planet.” Mabel smiled and looked at George as her eyes filled with tears.

“You will all still need to come with me.” Jacob said, standing. “We do need to check you all over.”

As if on cue, the Green’s front door burst open inwards, and eight armed people ran into the house.

“Ooh, George!” Mabel cried as she gripped his arm.

“Hush, love. Stay calm.” George glared at Kate and Jacob in turn and then back to Kate. “This is my house.” He said. Kate looked to the floor without speaking.

The armed man in the living room removed the black helmet he was wearing, and pointed his weapon into the living room. Footsteps and shouting could be heard upstairs, and then another set of heavy footsteps clambered down the stairs.

“Nobody else upstairs.” The man said behind his helmet. The other six came down and filtered their way into the room. A man grabbed Ryan, holding both his arms behind him.

“Oi! Watch it!” He shouted, but nothing changed.

Two others grabbed Dawnstar’s arms, who didn’t resist.

Another man roughly pulled Mabel’s arms behind her.

“Let go of her!” George yelled, as he too was accosted.

In turn, they were bundled out of the house, Dawnstar taken to Jacob’s car, and the Greens were taken to separate black vans which had pulled up by the bus stop outside.


This is the fifteenth instalment of my fan fiction tale based on the DC Comics character Dawnstar.

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Dawnstar was created by Paul Levitz and Mike Grell, with Starhaven being a planet from the DC Universe. All other characters are of my own creation.

4 responses to “DC’s Dawnstar: Restrained”

  1. Chris Hall avatar

    Wow! Audible intake of breath. This really is raising the stakes, Tom. Great storytelling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tom avatar

      Thanks, Chris. Time will tell what happens next!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Diane Henders avatar

    Uh-oh. Labs and examinations are rarely good…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tom avatar

      Things don’t seem too promising, Diane, do they?


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