With her legs she lashed out towards the man and woman stood at the foot of the bed. The room was familiar; the strangers not so. She tried to lift herself off where she sat by beating her wings, but she was being held down by her shoulders. She looked left and right and saw two friendly faces. George stood to her left and Mabel to her right. She settled herself down.

“That’s better, love!” Mabel said, calmly patting her shoulder. “Have a sip of tea.” She handed Dawnstar a cup, who drank some of the cool liquid.

“Who?” Dawnstar asked, pointing to the two others in the room.

“This is Ryan, love, me grandson. And next to ‘im is Kate, his girlfriend.”

“Friend.” Ryan and Kate said together.

“You were out of it then, love.” Mabel continued. “Did you have a good meditation?”

“It was strange, Mabel.” Dawnstar explained. “Possibly due to the ingredients used, but also because I am not from this time. The answers were not as clear as I would have liked. I did learn there is another in this period with me, but I know not whom. They have the answers to get me home.”

“Well how are you going to find them, chuck?” George asked.

“I can track them if I know who or what it is I’m tracking.” Dawnstar said. “But I can’t track what I don’t know.”

“Dawn,” Mabel asked. “Come into the front bedroom for a minute with me. I ‘ave something to ask you.” Dawnstar stood and followed Mabel out of the room.

“I think I need a nap!” George chuckled, and followed them out of the room and walked down the stairs.

Kate looked at Ryan, still standing at the foot of the bed. “Futuristic aliens?”

Ryan laughed. “Nan and Grandad meet the best people!”

“And you thought I’d be able to help with this?” Kate said, almost in exasperation.

“It was Nan who asked. Besides don’t metaphysicists deal with aliens?”

“Not really. Metaphysicians look at reality, and relationships between mind and matter, and possibility and actuality. Not futuristic aliens.” Kate started to explain.

“And biochemists?” Ryan prodded.

“More to do with biology than extra-terrestrials, Ry.”

“Biology. There you go!” Ryan punched the air with his clenched fist. “You must have some idea what they’ll do to her if they caught her.”

“They?” Kate asked as she lifted the saucer off the bed.

“The scientists. Your lot!” Ryan said with a smirk.

“I’d like to think they’d try to study her metabolism. Her physiology. Test her for diseases and that kind of stuff.”

“So they wouldn’t dissect her?”

“Dissect her? I hope not. They may do, though. She’d be taken to a complex somewhere though. Away from prying eyes.” Kate’s mind wandered over all sorts of possibilities.

“What complexes?” Ryan asked. “I need to know just in case they do catch her. Or,” his eyes widened, “if they’ve caught the other one.”

“Other one?” Kate followed Ryan out of the bedroom.

“There were two explosions. Two meteorites. If Dawn was one of them, the other is more than likely going to be the other.” Ryan’s mind now ran away with him.

“That makes sense, Ry.” Kate said. “We can see if we can find where the other one landed first, check it out, and then let Dawn know.”

“But what if they’ve already caught her, the other one? Where would they have taken her?”

“Hmmm. “ Kate pondered as she took the saucer into the kitchen and placed it into the sink. Ryan placed the cup he had taken from the bedroom, and put it on top of the saucer. They both then sat at the round table. “There’s the Wilmthorpe Observatory just outside of Leeds. They have some labs round the back there where they analyse meteorites, so she could’ve been taken there. But it doesn’t feel right to me. If they’ve gone to all this trouble of closing the roads, I have a feeling they know what they’re looking for anyway. They may try to contain things and keep things here. There’s Glengreen Labs on the industrial estate near the motorway which is another option. And then there’s the Derbyshire Observatory in the Peaks.”

“The Derbyshire Observatory?” Ryan asked.

“I learned about that one on an applied biosciences course. There are two in the country which are top secret, hidden within an array of mirrors. The other one’s on Dartmoor, the Dartmoor Observatory.”

“They can’t be that secret if you’re being taught about them!” Ryan laughed.

“No, they weren’t teaching us about it. One of the lab assistants told us all about them on a night out once. We were sworn to secrecy. There were three of us and Jacob. The other two dropped out of school just after, and Jacob made me swear not to tell anyone, even in jest.”

“And now you’ve told me!” Ryan held his hands up.

“Just us. Don’t tell Mr and Mrs G. Jacob said they do mind experiments and all sorts there.”

“And how did Jacob know about these labs?” Ryan didn’t know whether to believe his friend or not. What she was saying sounded very far-fetched, but then he remembered they had a futuristic winged alien upstairs in his grandparents’ spare bedroom.

“He had clearance to go there. He told me he was looking to recruit some new scientists and was at our university for that purpose. He took a shine to me and that was how we ended up going on that night out. A double date!”

“Oh. Right.” Ryan said. “Do you still see Jacob now?”

“Not for a couple of months now. He came and went to the uni every other week or so. And then we finished for the break, so I’ve come back up here for a few weeks.”

“Have you got his number? Kate, he’ll be the best person to help Dawnstar.”

“I’ll text him. Get him to call me, if he will.”

This is the thirteenth instalment of my fan fiction tale based on the DC Comics character Dawnstar.

The first part can be found here.
The second part is here.
The third part here.
Part four is here.
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Part six is here.
The seventh part is here.
Part eight is here.
Part nine is here.
Part ten is here.
Part eleven is here.
Part twelve is here.

Dawnstar was created by Paul Levitz and Mike Grell, with Starhaven being a planet from the DC Universe. All other characters are of my own creation.

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    1. The different reality aspect hadn’t crossed my mind, Paul, but you never know… Dawnstar was deep in meditation at one point! We’ll have to wait and see where the characters take us next. It’s all down to them! 🙂


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