DC’s Dawnstar: Collaboration


“There,” Kate smiled. “Message sent. Hopefully he’ll get in touch soon!”

Ryan smiled back as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs from the hall outside of the kitchen.

“Oh, Ryan, look!” Mabel said as she walked into the kitchen, holding her left hand out in front of her, palm facing upwards. Ryan could see a chain in the centre of it. “Dawn’s found me favourite necklace. You know, the one with the hearts on it. I knew I ‘ad it on in that front room when I was sorting out them boxes, but could I find it since then? Could I ‘eck as like!” Dawnstar followed Mabel into the kitchen. “But thanks to Dawn, I’ve found it again. All I ‘ad to do was explain to ‘er, clear as day, what it was like, and she found it. Went straight to it. Just like that!”

“Well, Nan, make sure you don’t lose it again!” Ryan smiled and nodded at Dawnstar. He loved it whenever his Nan was happy; she had a cheerful vibe that filled the room.

“Ooh, I won’t!” Mabel said cheerily. “Excuse me, love.” She said as she walked passed Dawnstar and out of the kitchen again. Ryan smiled once more as he heard her waking George in the living room.

“Kate’s getting into contact with one of her scientist friends, Dawnstar.” Ryan said, just as Kate’s mobile rang.

“Jacob! Hi!” Kate smiled. “Where are you right now?” She looked at Ryan and then Dawnstar. “Buxton? In Derbyshire? Great. I’ll text you an address just after this call, and try to get here as quick as you can. Can’t say much now.” She listened for a few seconds. “No, that’s fine. OK. Oh – the roads are closed in this area, so bring your access pass. That’s right. I think it is related. Yes.” She listened once more. “When you get the address, make sure you hurry!” She put the phone away and looked at Ryan. “He’s at one of those places in Derbyshire doing a recruitment thing again. He’s going to get here as fast as he can.” She retrieved her mobile again and rolled her eyes. “Best text him the address!”


Jacob pulled up at the roadblock and opened the window on his side of his four by four as a policewoman walked over. “You’ll have to turn back, I’m afraid, sir.” She said, gesturing to the barrier across the road. “We have a major investigation taking place in this area and no vehicles are allowed through.” Jacob leant over to his glove compartment and retrieved a pass on a thin chain. He held it outside the window so the police officer could see it.

“I’m Professor Finlay Jacobson of the British Astronomical Research Unit. Here’s my identity card, and my unique reference number. Contact your headquarters and check. You will allow me through.”

“Just a moment, sir.” The WPC took the card from Jacob, and looked at the photo on it and then looked again at Jacob. She got her radio, and a moment later a faint voice came over it. The policewoman read the reference number into the radio, followed by Jacob’s name, which she spelt out very deliberately. She then clearly said the BAR Unit. She returned the identity card to Jacob. “I’m sorry about that, sir. Of course, I’ll let you through now. Just give me a moment to open the barrier, and you can go through.” She walked over and made a large space in the roadblock so Jacob could continue with his journey. As he drove through, the policewoman saluted him. Jacob watched as she closed the road off again, and once more spoke into her radio.

He pressed a button on his carphone, and after a couple of rings a male voice answered. “Jacob! How are we getting on?”

“Fine, Captain Sinclair. I’ll be at the house shortly. I’m through the roadblock and there’s nothing on the roads, so it should take me less than five minutes, I’m guessing.”

“Can you trust this girl?” Sinclair asked.

“Kate? I would say so. She’s been monitoring the situation for the past few weeks, so she knows what’s going on. Don’t forget, she was the one who gave us the artefact from the last meteor shower over Rodderswych.”

“So you think she has another artefact?” Sinclair’s tone was very blunt, and he sounded eager.

“From what she said, it sounds like it. She couldn’t say very much, I’m guessing there were others around.”

“Alright, then. Get there, Jacob, retrieve the object and get it back down here to Buxton as soon as you can.” He hung up. Jacob looked at his satellite navigation system and saw that Rodderswych Road was two streets ahead.


George was about to have another sip of tea when there was a loud rapping coming from the front door. Mabel looked over to him nervously. “Ooh, ‘eck.” She said, with a little quiver in her voice. She touched the large heart on her necklace, which she decided to wear after Dawnstar found it for her earlier.

Ryan and Kate sat on the sofa, with Dawnstar between them.

“That’ll probably be Jacob.” Kate said. “I would’ve thought he’d phone though, to let me know he’s here.”

“Don’t worry, me pet,” George said to Mabel. “I’ll go. If it isn’t him, I’ll say you’ve got a headache or something. Make him go away.” With a groan, he stood up out of his chair and walked to the front door. “Hello?” Kate heard him say once he opened the door. She then heard Jacob’s familiar voice.

“Hello, there. I’m Jacob Finlayson of the British Independent University. Sorry to bother you, I believe this is the right address. Kate…”

“Yes! Yes!” George said. “Please come in, we’re expecting you. Please go through.”

Jacob walked into the living room and spotted Dawnstar straight away.


This is the fourteenth instalment of my fan fiction tale based on the DC Comics character Dawnstar.

The first part can be found here.
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Dawnstar was created by Paul Levitz and Mike Grell, with Starhaven being a planet from the DC Universe. All other characters are of my own creation.

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  1. Chris Hall avatar

    Loving this one, Tom!

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    1. Tom avatar

      Thanks, Chris. 🙂

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  2. Diane Henders avatar

    Uh-oh. This isn’t going to end well for someone…

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    1. Tom avatar

      Something’s going on, Diane…


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