Has anyone heard of the Hum?

Has anyone heard the Hum?

I think I may be starting to.

The Hum is a very low frequency, continuous noise that appears to be coming from nowhere in particular. It seems to be just above the lower hearing threshold, and some have described it as a continual diesel engine rumbling away.

Only my noise isn’t a diesel engine sound. It’s more like a telephone dialling tone; a constant purring. If it was a dialling tone, it would stop and then be replaced by the high-pitched screeching howler noise, so I know it isn’t a telephone.

The odd thing is, I can only hear this noise in the Living Room, where there are no telephones, just to clarify.

I was in the Computer Room the other day, and thought I could hear the diesel engine sound. It was constant, and gave me a headache, which made me feel a little queasy. But when I moved in this room, the noise moved. After further investigation, I found that the computer base had moved slightly and was touching a wooden cabinet, causing this slight rumbling hum. I moved the computer, and voila! the noise vanished.

Back in the Living Room, however, the dialling tone persists.

I did an internet search for any low level noises and was introduced to the Hum.

My Living Room noise is definitely outside of me, and in the room, it sounds like it’s also outside of the room… but further investigations are needed. It’s most odd.

At least one mystery was solved though… now onto another!

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  1. A MYSTERY INDEED! I believe it’s referred to now and then as ‘white noise’? I’ve heard it in the past – its periods of frequency and volume varied, but fortunately, I haven’t heard it in ages. It could, of course, be Tinitus, so maybe you should have your hearing checked..Cheers!

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    1. Thanks, Joy. I suffer from Tinnitus from time to time, but that’s more of a higher pitched ringing, which also follows me around. ‘White Noise’, I believe, is a little like the old static sound heard when tuning to a different TV station in days gone by (that’s how I interpret it to be!)… this dialling tone is odd. I will get to the bottom of it (or try my very best to ignore it!) 😄


  2. I sometimes hear at low-pitched hum at night when everything’s quiet. I’ve never heard it during ‘load shedding’ when all the power is switched off for a couple of hours to ‘protect the grid’, so I’m wondering if it’s background noise from various appliances, or even from power cables?

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    1. It could be, Chris. From what I read power stations could be one of the causes, or it could be the power lines themselves. Or it could be Ley Lines… that’s my theory! 😉

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    1. The forest hum is magical, Earthskyair. It’s a natural, magical silence… not exactly silent, but not far off.
      My Living Room hum is just odd! 😀

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