For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Urban

So I’ve gone for a vista of an urban sprawl, or perhaps an urban jungle… and tried to make the photo seem a little gritty; aged. The word ‘urban’ to me doesn’t conjure colour to my mind’s eye for some reason, especially not green, but there are a lot of green spaces in town.

Visit Debbie’s site for more urban photography!

17 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Janet. I think the second ‘filtery’ thing was called ‘Nostalgia’ or something, it was a one-click change, but the black and white one saw me tweaking a few levels. Not even 1% sure if I’m doing things right, but it is fun! 😄

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  1. Urban makes me think of the Bob Marley song ‘Concrete Jungle’ which in turn reminds me of driving through the centre of Leeds with all those concrete tunnels on the inner ring road. Interesting pics, Tom.

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    1. One of those I know slightly, the other not at all. I’ve been to Leeds a handful of times, and I’m not very musically minded! 🤣 Although… I’m sure there’s an ‘urban’ music style.
      Thanks Chris 🙂

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