Mystic K’Sandra peered into her ball
Seeing a figure, red-skinned and tall
Confused and bewildered, head-pecked and flapped
When upon her door a loud knocking rapped

She opened the door to see the red-skinned male
Demon with horns and long swishing tail
“Tell me dear stranger, why do you come”
As she shielded her eyes from the bright midday Sun

“I search for help, some sort of guide
I have travelled far and have travelled wide
Over mountainous lands and through portals galore
When suddenly I found myself outside your door

I search for six items which must be found
I know not the location I know how it sounds
This desperate quest has one month to complete
Or my partner and I will feel the heat”

Mystic K’Sandra welcomed the traveller in
Sensing the urgency of his quest within
“Tell me your name, and I can find you the truth
As befitting an unusual demonic sleuth”

He said “I’m a Kraa demon, with the name of Sinster”
That was enough, his truth had convinced her
To obtain the list of the items he sought
So she took from him the list that he’d brought

She laid out a parchment, ancient and curled,
And scattered tea leaves, which created the world,
Upon which lay spaces with red circular spots
Six of them scattered, not polka dots

“Here are the places of the items you seek
Touch the dots and the parchment will speak
The correct name of the item and actual time
Will enable you in turn for each item to find.”

Mr Sinster thanked K’Sandra for being so kind
Saying “This will save a great deal of time!”
K’Sandra smiled and wished him well as he went
Back through the portal whence Gabriel sent

So, they have their map and that is that. Where next on their quest will we find them at? The next part of the Sinster’s quest will be along soon…!
Part One here.
Part Two here.

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