I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps this afternoon, so I decided to make a mess.

Here’s how the mess originally looked:

I wasn’t too keen, so I turned it on its side.

Being done in PowerPoint and Photoshop Elements it isn’t really a mess at all, Well, everywhere wasn’t as messy as it could have been had I not done it digitally.

I’m still in the dumps a little, but a quick burst of creativity with colour lifted my spirits a little. I’m just going to lift them a little more now, but I haven’t quite decided how. Maybe a run. Maybe a grapefruit. Can’t decide. I’m not going to be down in the dumps for long. By Jiminy no!

27 thoughts

  1. Ice cream – YUP – ice cream always makes me happy. Oh, and potato chips with sour cream dip or mixed nuts.
    YUP … mixed nuts that’s the one to eat. After all, a nut is nuttier than us, isn’t it?
    The painting has a bit of Monet oozing out. I like the vertical. The strong lines look like trees. Actually, the bright colors make it more joyous than sad. Smile now … 😃
    Isadora 😎

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    1. 😄《- There’s me smiling! 🙂 Splashing the colours around helped, Isadora! I need to really try to avoid food, so colour’s the next best thing!
      I thought it looked like trees in the vertical – I much prefer it that way!

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  2. Oh pooh! I like it either way. Very nice but it would really have been fun if you were splashing real,wet paint.
    I think we are all kinda in the dumps. Its this crazy world we are living in …but it is what it is at the moment so we have to make do.

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    1. Exactly. Thanks, Beverly. I just wanted something quick to make a virtual mess with! I was too in the dumps to be bothered tidying a real mess up afterwards! 😃

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