Just basic edits, mind!

Above is the original photo.

Above is the original photo but changed to greyscale.

And above is my attempt to make the photo appear black and white and green. I like this effect, but it wasn’t what I was going for! At one point, it was purple. I have a lot to learn, even with the basics!

Posted for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and Becky’s Square Perspectives.

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      1. It’s warm here too. I just went to check the thermometer and it’s a balmy 21C in the garden, Cooler inside at a rather tepid 17C, and you have to be aware that anything below 25C is regarded as downright chilly and requires hats and boots to be worn! 😀

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    1. Thanks, VK. Yes, this isn’t far from the Mansion, so that could be why it didn’t turn grey when it should have! That sounds better than me merely doing it wrong! 🙂

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  1. The black and white one seems like a path to where a something bad happens in a horror flick. Keep working on those settings. You’ll figure it out. I’ve been using photoshop for 20 years, but I’ve learned more in the last year doing this blog than I learned in 19 years previously. Still learning! 🙂

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  2. what reminded me all of them,…I miss my UK days. In Devizes… from cottagge home walking to the square it was like that, passing fields, walking between trees… people were so nice, even they don’t know us, they smile and greeting us… I loved to walk from my friend’s home to the square… Even remembering makes me feel good… even watching yours make me good. Thank you dear Tom, Love, nia

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  3. There’s a lot to learn in those programs! I’ve been messing with Photoshop for years now, and I still usually end up searching the internet for “How do I…” It’s fun if you’ve got the time, though! 🙂

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