The lights flickered as I stepped through the front door. Not collectively, but consecutively. First it was the the light outside the Vestibule. Next the light on the ceiling at the base of the Stairway. Then it was the wall lights around the Foyer. Followed by the lights up the Stairway, and then the ones up on the Landing. Fair enough, it happens, usually on dark and stormy nights. But on dark and stormy nights, the blinking of the lights doesn’t reverse the pattern and then start again, back through exactly the same routine.

“I’ve only been gone for a couple of hours!” I declared.

The floorboards groaned and all the lights flickered, this time simultaneously.

“I did say I wouldn’t be long. And I do go out on a daily basis! You should be used to it by now!”

More floorboards groaned, but the lights settled down and switched themselves off.

The Mansion. Subtle as ever, and always up to some kind of trick! Hopefully, things should be quiet for a short while now. Until the Mansion becomes restless again, that is!

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