The tally for the longest referendum in history now stands at:

That’s nine votes for love being a good thing, and five votes that disagree. OK, it isn’t the largest referendum, by any means (and it may not even be the longest either – however that research can wait for another day!), but there appears to be a clear leader forming… and with only one more day remaining after today, I can’t see anything changing too dramatically – unless the vote is thrown open to the whole of the United Kingdom. Then again, that too may not make too much of a difference.

So. I wonder just how Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, will vote? Remember anything can happen in this Love Referendum – look at Cupid’s vote on the first day, back at the turn of the century.

A feeling within
That is apparent without
For those who notice

Venus votes: YES

Venus says: “Of course love is a good thing, child. It is the best thing, the best feeling, the warmth and the passion that flows through every single living thing. It is its own reward. It really needs no words as it is what it is. Be more open to love, and be more loving, and you will see.”

The final referendum vote is tomorrow.

11 thoughts

  1. Haha Tom… The EYEs have it the NAYs loose.. lol.. Who knows which way the vote will go.. Venus where is her Blue Jeans.. 🙂
    Good to spot a post Tom.. Wishing you a Happy Valentines when it arrives.

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    1. Hehehe! I did wonder about the blue jeans part, Sue, but now I understand! 😀
      Yes, I am WAYYYY too young (ahem) to remember that song. I actually didn’t know it, but it sounded very familiar – definitely a song of its time! 😀

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      1. Yes I remember singing as a child 🙂 This one was one I would sing to my Grandma, Much to her amusement. not really a good song for a five or six year old to be obsessed with dying lol.. But when you listen to it, you will see it was the tune which was catchy, I don’t think I thought much about the lyrics then hehe.. 🙂 Hope it makes you smile.


        1. It is a catchy tune, Sue. Quite celebratory, considering its story! I must say, I liked looking at some of those old photos in the video. I love old photos.
          Thanks fr sharing this one as well, Sue – another I haven’t yet heard!

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          1. 🙂 my pleasure, I didn’t think you would have.. Though Lonnie I am sure you heard of 🙂 Another favourite was the one about leaving your chewing gum on the bedpost over night LOL.. 🙂
            Enjoy your day Tom.. and thanks for indulging me and listening 🙂

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            1. Oh yes, Lonnie’s well known. 🙂
              They did have some funny songs back in the day, Sue, didn’t they? Not like today. Ahem.
              Have a good Saturday, Sue!

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