Welcome child. You have made it to the Final Stage. The Path To Freedom. There’s one way in and one way out. Enter here, and walk, following the Path. Keep on moving. Do not stop. There may be barriers along the way. Blockages. Obstructions. You must turn around and keep on walking. Just keep on. Your objective is to walk until you walk out from the Path again, into freedom. Are you clear on the instructions?


The contestant walked in through the opening, and took two steps to the left. They turned around, and took four steps, now to the right. They turned around again, and took two steps to the left once more, and then walked out through the opening they had just walked through.

“I never realised walking to freedom would be so easy.”

Elaborate, child.

“The instructions clearly said there was one way in and one way out, which must be here. I had to keep walking until I walked out from the path, which is what I did. I encountered no obstructions, but turned anyway, and kept on walking. I followed the instructions to the letter. I didn’t over-complicate things. I just took the easy path to freedom. I chose the easy route which led me to here.”


Sometimes we miss the glaringly obvious by over-complicating things. Sometimes, seeing the bigger picture can be helpful; but sometimes just spotting that one opening can bring rewards in much sooner.  Sometimes, it’s just following instructions. Other times, it’s a leap of faith.


Thanks once again to Hélène from Willow Poetry for providing this picture for her ‘What Do You See?’ Weekly Challenge. I took the easy route with this one!

Weekly challenge

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  1. Tom, this is an exceptional lesson for us all. How often we take the long way out when it could be easy and straight forward. Wow, a great post, thank you.

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