“Never breathe a word.” She urged, breathlessly. Not that she was breathless, I hasten to add, she just didn’t breathe. Vampires don’t tend to do that.

I found her standing by the bus stop, just as we’d arranged. The coldest night of the year so far, and she stood there in a skimpy vest top, bathed in a gentle light from – it must have been the bus stop, as the gas lamp she was standing under wasn’t working… and the Moon was hidden behind multiple layers of cloud.

“Never.” She urged again. “My name must never be uttered by your lips.”

“Can I type it on my blog?” I asked, in a moment of madness. I knew what her answer was going to be.


OK, then. Lady of the Night it is. The Unmentionable Lady of the Night in fact. I can’t see her having a problem with that.

So, why would I be meeting this strange lady on the darkest and coldest night of the year? Why? So she could give me her vote in the Love Referendum, that’s why! I’ve told you the question has been thrown out to literally thousands of characters through time itself. The results are slow in coming back, averaging at about one a day, which is handy considering I have extended my Valentine’s celebrations this year just a little. Not that I do Valentine’s, I must say, but this year I wanted to do something different.

So, this lady was asked is love a good thing or not. Two possible answers. Yes or No. What did she say? (Oh, and she had to provide a haiku as well. I always forget to mention that part.)

Dark clouds and dark hearts
Veins pulsating with passion
Needs and thirsts are met

The Unmentionable Lady of the Night votes: NO

The Lady of the Night says: “Love? Who has time for love in this day and age? Most people don’t have time to eat, never mind love. I make sure I feed, that’s what I make time for. A nice evening meal is enough for me. At my age, I don’t need love, but I need to live. There’s no point in voting for something if there’s no time for it, is there? Now. Never breathe a word.”

I don’t think the last line was actually part of her reason, but she said it at the same time so in it must stay. She started to develop a hungry look, so I made my excuses and left shortly after she gave her reason. I still have weeks of these posts to do, don’t you know.

This lady’s vote will not be included in the count until tomorrow’s post, as the count is always a day behind. Currently, however, the count stands at:

There will be more from the referendum tomorrow.

Today’s post has also been part of :

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