What? The Easter Bunny??? In February?!?!

Ah. I see. White Rabbits!

February already! Can you believe it? Happy February!

Anyway, I digress.

Here’s the Easter Bunny leaping out of the bushes to take part in my (now) World Famous Love Referendum. She certainly isn’t leaping into Spring, that’s for sure… what with all the snow we are apparently having.

What do you mean “Hang on; what’s this Love Referendum?”? – Where have you been? As I don’t do Valentine’s, this year I am doing it… of a fashion. I’m holding a referendum and have invited hundreds of legendary characters to take part, if they so desire, and provide a haiku whilst doing so. The referendum is a choice between love being a good thing (yes) or not (no).

The current vote stands at:

Which currently doesn’t include today’s vote. The count will be reflected in tomorrow’s post (should anybody call by, that is!)

Easing Easter in
With love and a little leap
As it’s cold and wet

The Easter Bunny votes: YES

The Easter Bunny says: Love is to be loved. No more, no less. Although it can be loved a little more by a chocolate or two. Any chocolate. Nice, luxuriously smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth and makes you lie back and sigh a resounding ‘Mmmmmm!’. And expensive chocolate hearts really show the love. And eggs. Don’t forget the eggs (I have to say that though…) they are an absolute must when it comes to showing love. Yes. Without love there can be no love of chocolate, and that is a definite no no.

More tomorrow.

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