I’m re-joining One Word Sunday once again this week, now that Hallowe’en has become but a distant memory, and Debbie’s theme is ‘Earth’.

I have hundreds, nay thousands, of photos that would fall into this category but have selected two to use.

One, is the view OF the Earth (well, one of them!):

And the other is the view FROM it (well, one of them!!):

Visit Debbie’s site for more takes on this week’s theme (a link will appear here shortly!)


8 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Shree.
      That bright one by the Moon is Venus according to some folk. A satellite according to others. I’m thinking it is more likely a satellite as it is always in that place at this time of the year.

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  1. Hey TL….Yes, ‘one of them’ as we well know there are many yet to be explored 🙂 Well maybe you did on those trips you made off planet….It’s amazing how looking at the sky makes everything so vast and limitless….And yet we humans limit ourselves endlessly in everything we do and think. I’m waiting for that shift in consciousness we are so in need of. It’s the only way we are going to get ourselves out of the mess we have created. Gotta think BIG and BIGGER still.
    No walls, no limits, Just respect for all and kindness.Have a happy….We’re getting there…VK

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    1. There’s nothing like looking at the sky to, in a way, diminish the extent of issues or problems… even if for a short while. You’re right, though, VK… we humans are quite a limited bunch in some regards!
      And yes, I feel we are getting there! 😀

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