Partly inspired by a recent post by Cobs, and partly inspired by nature, I have digitally painted a whimsical dormouse scurrying into a hole in a tree. I say ‘painted’, but I merely spread a few dashes of colour here and there to create a tree effect. And a hole effect. And a dormouse effect.

Very rough, and very quick… but that’s dormouses for you. (Apart from the roughness, that is… they are so adorably cute!)

22 thoughts

  1. Hahaaa!! I LOVE it Tom! It tickled me and made me actually say that Ha haaaaa! out loud, in a rather high pitched tone (which upset Her Maj. – Maisie Doates – so much she cut me a proper old fashioned dirty look!).

    Tis a great painting Tom. Clever, and filled with fun.
    (Thank you for the mention and link! 😀 )
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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