Dreaming through the light.

Echoes of time appearing as thoughts or memories or dreams, passing idle moments (or busy ones) in a momentary lapse. How long is a moment? How long is a thought?

This too shall pass.

Until the next thought comes along.

18 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Raili.
      This actually came about purely by chance! As I’ve recently changed my blog’s theme, I also updated the Open Live Writer program’s theme (which is what I use to format and write my posts), but the Live Writer only shows the background image of the blue light sphere, whereas the blog has the text displayed with a white background. I couldn’t see a bloomin’ thing of what I was writing, so decided to change the font colour and took a screenshot of that when I’d finished! I’m sure there are easier ways of doing things… and when I get the time, I shall have to find out!
      Thanks for commenting, Raili, and apologies for this waffly reply… 😀

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      1. I learn a lot from your wafflings, Tom. Never heard of Open Live Writer. I do mine the old fashioned way still. Although I have progressed from drafting on Word and then cutting and pasting. All that double and triple handling got to be so time consuming.

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        1. You still have to do a little work with Live Writer as well, especially if scheduling a post, but it makes it so much easier adding images and links, and even formatting the text on screen… although, then if you edit the text in WordPress after posting, that formatting of the text tends to go. It really depends on preference, I suppose.
          And here, I shall endeth my latest waffle! 🙂


  1. Indeed, how long is a moment, today my friend as I sit in my reader almost ALL day and endeavour to catch posts and blogs I have missed for so long, A day can seem like a moment in time.. and then I look back and nothing has been done. Not one comment answered upon my own blog. and yet many posts have been visited and commented upon.. Yes.. I too can ramble… as i amble along Tom..
    Take care dear friend.. Your friendship is very much appreciated and I know our time is precious..
    Hugs Sue xx

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    1. We fit in what we can when we can, Sue, so it’s all good… and we get there in the end!
      And yes… the moments are flying by – as usual!
      Thanks for calling by and commenting, Sue.

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  2. Hi Tom! 🙂

    Yes, it’s a pain to daydream and see your dream fade with the thought!!! 🙂

    I’m having problems with the cookies banner on my site.

    It looks like the update was finished in a hurry so the banner keeps coming back!!! 😡

    God Bless! 🙂


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    1. Oh those pesky cookie banner thingies are doing my head in, Prenin. It’s all GDPR’s fault. The thing is, you have to allow a cookie to say you don’t want to allow cookies, and either way you get the same bloomin’ thing on the next visit. The whole world is going crazy around us, and we’re being dragged along for the ride. We must just sit back and enjoy the sights. Even the pesky ones.
      Thanks for commenting, Prenin.

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      1. Hi Tom! 🙂

        I managed to turn off one banner and restrict the cookies banner which is a pain in the arras, but Sue gave me some good advice and the rest was forensic analysis of how the programmer did the deed! 🙂

        God Bless!


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        1. I’ve just had to clear all of my cookies do to something I spotted on my computer, so I shall be getting all of those bloomin’ messages again all over the place. And we are meant to be moving forwards… ah well. Onwards and sidewards.

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