This return to blogging seems to be rather slower than expected, but I keep popping in every now and then! As today is Tuesday, and it is Artsday here on Beyond the Sphere, I thought I would share a quick digital doodle of the magical ‘Faecopse’. Magical? you ask? Why, yes! There’s a magical hidden gateway that is clearly visible through the darkness. And a gateway / pathway / route through any kind of darkness is always welcome, however small or hidden.

Have a fabulous day and I will see you soon.

18 thoughts

  1. My apologies …. I’m late to the party here …. real life is a pain in the you know what, sometimes.

    I LOVE this Tom! So much work and so beautifully done. You clever chap!
    Sending much love, from my corner to yours. ~ Cobs. xxx

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          1. Wolf! Does it take a long time for notifications to reach the Mars Insight probe! Still, it’s here now so see you over there…hopefully we’re too far from the Martian dust storm for it to block further communication.🤔

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