This return to blogging seems to be rather slower than expected, but I keep popping in every now and then! As today is Tuesday, and it is Artsday here on Beyond the Sphere, I thought I would share a quick digital doodle of the magical ‘Faecopse’. Magical? you ask? Why, yes! There’s a magical hidden gateway that is clearly visible through the darkness. And a gateway / pathway / route through any kind of darkness is always welcome, however small or hidden.

Have a fabulous day and I will see you soon.

18 Comments on “Faecopse

  1. My apologies …. I’m late to the party here …. real life is a pain in the you know what, sometimes.

    I LOVE this Tom! So much work and so beautifully done. You clever chap!
    Sending much love, from my corner to yours. ~ Cobs. xxx

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