I’m pondering reality today.

Quite possibly, I’m even questioning it. Mind you, with a reality like mine at times, there really is a lot to question!

Is reality what we see, hear, feel, touch and smell around us… or is it what we think and interpret it to be?

I’m now questioning myself. Am I real? Am I even here?

Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a lot of helicopters flying hither and thither up above. Travelling this way and that, some slowly, some at speed. Most folk would say that there’s nothing unusual in that, and they could even be right… but the fact that I am noticing more of them, does that make it unusual? Take Monday, for example. I was at the place of W, and there is a lot of wasteland at the back, after an old abandoned factory was demolished last year. There’s nothing on the vast open land now, apart from a few piles of leftover bricks. It gets very windy when the gusts get up! Hovering above the land was a helicopter. A black and white one. Just hovering there. Perhaps they were searching for someone hiding out in the open. I don’t know. It didn’t make sense. Maybe I’m looking too deeply into things, and the pilot was just practicing hovering, as a learner driver would practice reversing around a corner.

Another helicopter flew over on Tuesday, so low I could feel the pressure from the rotor blades… within my ears. Within my head, in fact. I do find myself pondering the notion that something is going on, something that we will NEVER get to find out about.

It’s not very secret, if that’s the case though. They aren’t being discreet about their covert activities.

See? Covert activities are taking place around me. Everyday. I’ve noticed them.

Walking down a street, I get the eerie feeling that I’m being watched. A person reading a newspaper swiftly pulls it up to cover their face as I walk by… and they cough. As in code. There. Over the road. That woman on her mobile phone. She’s in on it. She’s interpreting the cough as I nonchalantly glance around. And, right on cue, a helicopter flies overhead. A car sounds its horn behind me; although it is on the road driving away from me. The woman with the phone waves at the driver. The car stops and reverses around the corner, and turns back on itself, pulling up beside the woman, who swiftly jumps in. The registration number on the car is… there isn’t one! It’s a black car, with blackened windows all around, and it is now pointing towards me.

I turn. The man with the newspaper has vanished from the bench where he was sitting. The helicopter travels overhead again – it’s circling. I notice an electronic advertising sign change what it’s advertising – I’m sure just before it changed I saw a video of me looking around. Nah – I must have imagined that. Why would all these people be looking for me?

It’s because I know they’re up to something. That’s it. It must be.

I’ll just have to pretend I know nothing and carry on regardless. Or maybe, that is what they want me to think…

Gah! All this second guessing has me circling just as all those helicopters seem to be doing.

It isn’t only helicopters and strange-acting people, though. When driving, wherever, whenever, at whatever time of the day, if I drive past a road junction, a car will either just be pulling out, or just arriving at the junction. Traffic lights turn red the moment I reach the line. Cars seem to be racing behind me on dual carriageways, yet pull in behind and don’t overtake.

And people I think I know surprise me all the more.

Maybe I only know a certain aspect of their character, and I’m noticing a different side to them I haven’t seen before. Does this make them the same person, or a different one entirely???

Or is it little ole’ moi who’s changed, and I’m seeing all these subtle differences around me; noticing a shift in reality, only slight but most definitely there?

I don’t know.

So, I’m pondering reality today.

Have you noticed any subtle changes lately?

33 thoughts

  1. The changes aren’t subtle over here on the far side of the pond. Seems everything once known as reality is upside down and we are creating a new one…Odd it is…As for the helicopters, its how they keep track of the masses. They are everywhere…Try as they might they will not win this battle we are fighting,for the light. The dark days are behind us…Time to create a new story/reality! VK 🙂

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  2. For sure there sure are subtle changes a-happening. But – and here’s the thing – it’s a BIG but. One must be ever so careful not to overstep the edge of reality into the dark side of paranoia and suspicious fear…. I find it’s OK to overstep the edge into the Light though. That’s nice. And safe. After all, it’s where we’re heading 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, I agree entirely, Raili.
      It’s why I often write about the light, and started with the candles. But, the darkness inches through every now and again. The light fights it back, though, so it’s all good!

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  3. Welcome to my world Tom!!! :/

    A scientist has suggested that we are a hologram projected on the Universe – God’s playroom??? :/

    Whatever it is I hope I’m real… 🙂

    God Bless!


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    1. Nothing is real Prenin except in our heads and even then we magnify and twist everything so who really knows whats real anymore. Scary. That is why we must stay out of the manufactured reality being put forth and stay in our own. It’s at least familiar and far safer than what they are offering us! Blessings…VK 🙂

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      1. Yes Tom. 🙂

        We are born of dying stars and Supernovae, dust given life.

        We are the universe trying to figure itself out… 🙂

        God Bless!



  4. Helicopters fly over our area frequently. Most of their activity is for traffic observation, however, there are times when they’re searching for fleeing criminals. Of course, I feel big brother is always watching. 😱

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    1. Always watching, Eugenia. I once thought that a camera had been placed on every single road sign at every junction in town. Turns out, they were solar powered lights… although just the right size and shape for a camera to be there as well. That thought must have come from somewhere…

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      1. I agree, Tom. There are cameras above some of our traffic lights to catch those that run the red light. Well, there’s a lot of info gathered about the traffic violator – and most likely more than what is needed.

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  5. I get days like this…when this happens to you, the best thing to do is go and hide in the wardrobe for a bit…😸😱😸😱

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