Dear Letters To The Universe,
I do hope that this edition will be easy reading, after the last mind-blowing one, and the one full of earworms the week before. Well, here goes… let’s see!

Dear Blogland,
The official date, should I post daily between now and then, for my 2,500th post is 27th March 2018. Therefore, I shall be throwing the blog party on the Saturday before, which is Saturday 24th March 2018. I hope to see as many of you as possible there throughout the day.

Dear The Word Concinnity,
You are a new word to me, and I think I actually like you. You mean ‘The skilful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something’ or ‘Studied elegance of literary or artistic style’ (from the Oxford Dictionary). I hope to see concinnity in the blog party towards the end of March, and I would also like to see more concinnity throughout my blog posts both before and after then. Whether the latter appears here remains to be seen, but I will bear it in mind!

Dear Siberian Blast,
Yes, you have us firmly in your grip right now. Could I ask that you don’t hold on for too long, as Spring is just around the corner and we wouldn’t want it to be late!

Dear Spring,
Please, please, do not be put off by that chilling Siberian Blast that has decided to invade our green and pleasant land… please step forth and push those icy forces back! Spring, we need you!

Dear Synchronicity,
You seem to have been in hiding for a few weeks… will you be making a spectacular reappearance soon? Hopefully in time for Spring – or even my 2,500th blog post celebrations?

Dear Drivers,
You appear to be getting worse again. Please pay more attention to what you are doing, and most of all BE LESS IMPATIENT when on the roads. All road users have to get somewhere. Just saying.

Dear Pébéo Mixed Media Paint Set,
I am looking forward to using you, to see what effects you create when I dab a few drops of you here and there, once I start actually painting again. The thing is, with the Siberian Blast that is causing chaos and confusion at the moment, I can’t really open any windows. As you know, you need to be used in a well ventilated area, so I wouldn’t want to risk using you in a confined space, in case I find myself hovering around the ceiling. You do look fun to use, however!

Dear Ducks On The Lake,
I do hope that you aren’t freezing your flippers off in that icy icy water. I’m finding it rather nippy and I’m fully wrapped up, yet you all waddle around in your bare feet.

And Finally, Dear Cheerfulness,
Sprinkle a bit of your magic dust on us all, will you? And a couple of extra large sprinkles on those who may need it a little more! Let’s boost that Feel Good Factor once again around the world!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. I thought I’d end this edition with a tweaked photo of the Moon from earlier in the week…

… well, it was taken on my mobile phone, and I was a little dithered taking it, hence it being a little fuzzy. I think the warm orange colour somehow makes it appear even cooler. A most strange effect, I must say!

11 thoughts

    1. It was actually mid-afternoon, Beverly, and the sky was the deepest of blues. I altered it somewhat in the photo app thingy on the mobile phone.
      I haven’t even thought of the post for the party… I’d better pull my socks up!

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  1. Hi Tom and everyone!!! 🙂 ❤

    A very heartfelt missive Tom! 🙂

    I’ve got elderly friends who are now stuck at home because of snow drifts and a killer wind, with 11 known dead known so far, according to the news, but they’re a tough bunch and have seen far worse! :/

    Hopefully you are OK my friend! 🙂

    I had to go out in it Thursday and now I have sore eyes and a headache, but I should be OK in a few days – granddad taught us well when it came to survival in weather like this!!! 🙂

    I had to stay home today as the chill gave me a dose of the trots, but I have food in and will shop Monday, hopefully AFTER the stores have refilled their shelves!

    Stay warm folks – we still have another 24 hours of this weather, so wait it out!!! 🙂 ❤

    God Bless, hugs and best wishes to everyone!!! 🙂 ❤


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    1. From what I’ve seem, Prenin, you seem to have been affected particularly badly by it – we’ve just had the merest dusting of snow in comparison, although yesterday the wind felt like it was minus 60. It cut through everything! Brrr!

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      1. We had more of a problem with the drifts and ice, the temperature when I woke Thursday was -6’C and when I went out it was around 0’C, but the wind was a killer!!! 😦

        According to the weather people the wind chill made it feel like -11`C so I’m not surprised I caught a chill!!! 😦

        The walk to and from the shop takes about 10 minutes each way, so I wasn’t out in it for long, but even so I had frozen assets!!! 🙂

        As soon as I have some money saved I’m buying a better winter coat!!! 🙂

        I don’t fancy going out in such a storm ever again!!! 😦

        God Bless!


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