This is the dawning… well, almost.

Or it may have already dawned!

Differing viewpoints abound for differing ages.

Some say we’re living in Pisces.

Others state the Age of Aquarius.

Either way, water is definitely involved!

An Astrological Six Word Saturday post.


    1. ‘Ay up, Cobs – dint know you spoke nawthen! (Or maybe I did… hmmm…)
      You have eagle-eyes, my dear! Oh… no… no change, no warning! I just wanted to have ago at creating a virtual avatar for myself (that isn’t me in the photo, but my computerised representation of me…)
      My announcement will be along very shortly now. I’m thinking it maybe best not to announce it, weighing things up, but I’ve started so I may as well finish! 😀

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      1. Well now m’lad…. don’t kept folk waiting for ever ’cause they’ll get bored and wander off.
        Us ‘umans are like that. We do ‘ave a tendency to wander.

        Nawthen? Ee by gum, thou doesn’t know the start of it! Come wi’ me into t’ yonder an’ I’ll tell thee t’ story. 😀

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    1. Raili, this nawthen speak be strange fer a nawthen Piscean an’all.
      I used to speak ever so plammy when I worked on the telephones so my regional accent dissipated somewhat. Every now and then it returns with some force, somewhat!

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