We are a bit all over the place here at Beyond the Sphere. We always have been, and probably always will be.

We believe that variety is the spice of life… and you can’t get much more variety than the waffle content that appears in this blog.

We like following many different people with many different interests and talents. We like ‘having a go’ at something new, and we like re-visiting our tried and trusted favourites time and time again. We like interaction. We like fun. We like creativity, direction, inspiration, purpose, thoughts, ideas, words, different ways of thinking, different ways of living, and differences in general. Each one of us is different, unique and superbly special.

We like the challenge. We like a challenge.

Whether we feel we are living in the Age of Aquarius or the Age of Pisces, we are still living in the now, and doing what we do best. Some of us may be finding something in our now being a little more testing than other areas, but we are still doing our best regardless. And that is all we can do. Regardless of how great or how not-so-great things are right now, we handle it to the best of our abilities. We have to. Challenges don’t last forever, although some may feel like that at the time.

The ‘we’ I’m referring to, of course, is all of us… not just the royal we / me / I / one… although sometimes, when my Inner Aspects play up, I do refer to myself as we!

I mentioned in my recent Letters To The Universe post that I had an announcement to make. I still do, but now is still not the time. Not quite. Not just yet.

I will, however, post a little clue… a screenshot from the backroom of the blog – the editing suite or cutting room, if you prefer – but that’s all I’m saying.

I don’t tend to follow a plan with my posts – I just allow my fingers (and sometimes Fingers, my Inner Typist!) free reign of the keyboard and hope something remotely readable crops up at the end. I like to think it works that way – it’s a little more spontaneous and a little more fun!

Threads run through posts from time to time, and other times a one-off out-of-the-blue post will appear. That keeps things fresh, I feel.

Here’s something else out of the blue:

Well, out of the fresh green actually, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I think I’ve said a little too much now, so I’ll end this post here.

Remember, keep being special and everything will be fine!

14 thoughts

  1. Challenge is a glorious thing if we choose to look upon it with positive thinking. It is what helps move us along down the path we are on. And as I always say, there is no past or future, only now….Enjoy it….VK 🙂

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