Letters To The Universe… The Awesomer Edition

Dear Blogland,
I’m feeling really mischievous, I hope you don’t mind. Part of my mischief began yesterday, in a very quick late night post (here in England) where I planted a little seed. I’m doing it again now…

Planting another earworm, that is! I’ve linked to YouTube above, to one such earworm.
Earworms are awesome, with just that ‘right’ song!
I have no idea how long my Inner Imp will be in residence, but hey… enjoy. And sing along. All day.

Dear Computer,
Yes, I know that updates are needed. Yes, I’m aware that there are imps and gremlins and hackers and bots and undesirables out there who do nothing apart from pick their trawl the interweb trying to snatch as much personal data as they possibly can. Yes, I know all that. Could I ask that you become a tad more awesome, and just update when I’m not using the computer? This is my connection to the outside world, and it isn’t much fun whilst you are rumbling and pingling away in the corner and I’m looking at nothing move on the monitor. Sometimes, I feel dial-up was quicker due to some of these updates.

Dear The Weather,
How awesome have you been lately? Glorious Sunrises, bright (although chilly – especially by The Lake!) days, and longer lighter evenings! Fabulous! You really are showing me that Spring is almost here!

Dear Words,
I know that palindromes, such as reviver, are words that are spelt the same front to back and back to front, which is quite awesome in itself. Noon is an even better palindrome as it is pronounced the same backwards as well as forwards… and it is also the same upside down! However, I have just discovered that a semordnilap is a word that is spelt in reverse to another, but has a totally different meaning, such as god and dog… although pat and tap could be considered similar. Semordnilap is a semordnilap of palindromes, as they are both the same word reversed but with different meanings. Now, what is the name for a word that is spelt the same forwards and backwards, but pronounced differently in reverse? Noon isn’t a good example here, but I’m sure there must be some… to boot, to boot!

Dear The Word ‘Extramundane’,
To me, you don’t sound like what you actually mean, which is ‘outside or beyond the physical world’. Mind you, I always thought of ‘mundane’ as being boring or dull, but it has another meaning, which is related to the realm in which we mere mortals live in, and not the heavenly or spiritual plains. I think I will add you as a point of reference to my blog, which I feel must be bordering the extramundane. It’s certainly beyond anything normal, that’s for sure!

Dear Earworms,
I just can’t get you out of my head!

Dear Awesome Earworms,
Aw… you are almost anagrams of each other. Just add an extra R at the end of awesome, to make it awesomer, or more awesome, and discreetly morph the other R into the other E (or the other way around) and you are perfect.

Dear, Erm, Earworms,
Mahna mahna! Don’t worry, be happy… the lion sleeps tonight. Who let the dogs out? It wasn’t me. Poker face. Don’t you forget about me. Under pressure. Come on, Eileen… let it go!

Dear Blogland,
What do you mean? It has nothing to do with me. I just type away. And away.

And Finally, Dear Time,
You have ran away from me once again. Could you, just once, run towards me? Or maybe run alongside me? Or, now here’s a biggie, just stop running for a couple of hours a day so we can fit a little more in? Much appreciated.

Thank you for reading,

P.S. As time is fleeting, and I feel as though I’ve walked five hundred miles or more, Gangnam style to Mambo Number Five, no less, I’ve reached the end of yet another Letters To The Universe post. Yes, I know it is now almost midnight here in the UK, but you can blame time for that, not me. And as this is the final countdown to the end, here’s a photo of a friendly looking imp found on Pixabay…

… well, you can’t stay mad for long knowing that something that looked as cute as that made me do it, can you?

28 thoughts on “Letters To The Universe… The Awesomer Edition

  1. Excellent letters, and ‘thanks’ for the earworms… They have now taken the place of the one that lodged itself in my mind after I read your Six Word Saturday. Yes, I know I am reading your posts in the wrong order…
    I agree with your letter to computers – why, why, why do they need to do updates just when we need to be getting on and doing something on them!

    Liked by 1 person

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