Dark Skies. Black Roses. Purple Hue.

Raindrops pelted the windows with such force the frames shook. Through the gap in the curtains, the darkness outside was of a purplish kind, as each individual raindrop carried with it a reflection of light from… where was the light from? There was no Moon visible, the skies were far too cloudy for that. The gap in the curtains wasn’t big enough to send that much light outside – not that the light inside was very bright to begin with – and there weren’t any streetlights in the nearby vicinity.

Something was illuminating the raindrops.

The roses, red and fresh yesterday, were now wilted and black in the corner.

The clock on the mantel had stopped at 13:31. A stopped digital clock – I ask you!

I checked the date on the electronic calendar. February 13th. Valentine’s Eve.

Six days time. Next Wednesday.

Time, it appears, has something to say.

(13:31 13/2/18, or written as 133, 113, 218 is the RGB (Red/Green/Blue) decimal code for the colour in the header image. We are very educational here at Beyond the Sphere at times. However, for those of you confused enough to have noticed it and thought ‘hang on’… yes, February 13th is next Tuesday. I told you… time is up to something…)


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