I felt like something bright this evening, so decided to revisit my waterfall, where it is fabulously bright! It appears to be a trifle Summery in this scene, but it is merely a reminder that Spring is on the way! You can’t get anything more bright than that now!

This is how the waterfall looked the last time I visited it:

26 comments on “Ray”

          1. When I went in there a couple days ago it wouldn’t let me do anything for free. When I’d sign in and try I kept getting a screen that said I had to choose between two plans. How did you get in there? I’d rather cancel that subscription.

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            1. I don’t even sign in… there’s an option on their home page ‘Edit a photo’ and all of the basic edit options are available down the left-hand side. Some aren’t fully available, and give a great big logo on top of the image, so I tend not to use them – but they have a crown that indicates they are premium tools. The available ones are OK for me… and I don’t use the site often enough to register. To save an image, however, it asks that I sign in, but I just take a screenshot and then crop that image.
              It seems they are requiring registrations, however, so I have a feeling things may be changing there soon.
              I’m sure there are other sites out there that do similar things.

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