Dear Car Breakdown Recovery Man,
I must apologise for having to get you out so early this morning, but it was necessary as my car just stopped completely as I set off at what is usually an extremely busy road junction. Luckily it was quiet, and nobody saw me huffing and puffing manoeuvring the car backwards and forwards, as I shoved and pulled and steered to get it off the main road, and safely parked by the side of the kerb, facing the correct way, on a side road. I must apologise once more for you going to the wrong road… although how would I be expected to know there were two roads with the same name in the town? Thank you for getting things sorted for me quickly.

Dear Weather,
Thank you for not being so absolutely scorching hot as I sat waiting for the car breakdown recovery man to arrive – although I must add it was fun performing all of those pushing and pulling manoeuvres in torrential rain. Thinking about it now, it, and I, would have been far worse in searing heat.

Dear Blogland,
I can now advise you that silly week is over. Another version of it may be back soon with further posts of utter randomness for you to reflect upon and ponder. I now have the task, however, to ponder upon my next blog posts… sensible almost sensible ones, that is.

Dear Mind,
Have you recognised yet that what you see is yourself reflected back upon you? The people you meet… the things you read… the events of the day are all there to make you look more closely at yourself. What needs changing. What no longer serves a purpose. The clues are there.

Dear Photography,
I am pleased to have discovered the term for when I take a photo and I sometimes see orbs of light contained within the image – backscatter. A flash of light reflected back from dust or mist to a digital camera. I must say, however, that this phenomenon cannot account for all orb photographs, as I am a firm believer that orbs also indicate the presence of spiritual activity as well. That is how I feel, I must add – there are many sceptics who would vehemently disagree.

Dear The Power Of Threefold Return,
I always bear your law, and that of your equivalent Power of Tenfold Return, in mind with my serious thoughts and writing. I must admit that my spur of the moment thoughts and actions tend to be done in a ‘red mist’ situation, where no rational thought takes place, and I just act. I hope you understand that when I kick the chair after stubbing my toe on it, I shouldn’t receive three (or ten!) kicks back for doing so. That said – you are the powers of the Universe, and I have no right to question you. (I’m really writing this to myself, rather than you, to remind myself what a powerful law you are, and hopefully my spur of the moment actions will begin to decrease… not that there are that many, as you know…)

Dear Fun,
I miss you! When will you return? Don’t pull that face at me! I can see you. Hehehe! I see you’re back. Fun? Fun??

Dear Legs,
Don’t worry. You can rest this weekend. After all the hefty shoving I subjected you to earlier today, it’s no wonder you’re throbbing with vigour. If you weren’t throbbing so much, I’d tap my feet to your rhythm! Ooh, a paradox to reflect on there. I love a good paradox!

Dear Watercolour Paints,
Don’t sit there looking all forlorn at me. I can see you. Yes, I know you want to be used, and you will be once again very soon. And so will you, acrylics. I have some little square canvases to use you on… and some big ones too, but it’s always best to start small. The next letter may give a clue as to when I may start painting again.

Dear Commenters And Visitors,
Once again I apologise. It’s taking me an age to get around to visit and reply. I’d like to say this is due to circumstances beyond my control, but in reality, that’s poppycock. Utter balderdash. I just need to reorganise a few things, get myself better organised, and set myself up a nicer blogging routine. I enjoy blogging, and nothing is going to get in my way to make that change. Nothing. Not even time constraints. Reflect on that, time!

And to finish… Dear All,
It’s always a good thing to consider your actions after you’ve done them, or even as you’re doing them if you can. Every action has a reaction, every effect causes a ripple, every vibe causes other vibes to reflect off them, and multiply, diminish or change. The simplest word said in the wrong context could have far reaching consequences, and affect the listener in unintended ways. Even the word said in the right context can have similar far reaching consequences, but in different ways… don’t overanalyse, but be considerate. Reflect on yourself and see yourself reflected back.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Here’s a reflection to reflect upon, just because:

Well, I have been posting a lot of photos of the sky recently, so one more won’t hurt!



  1. Dear Tom
    Thank you for your letter(s), I think some of them weren’t for me, or possibly all of them, but I enjoyed them all the same.

    I hope your fabulously faithful legs will pain less and less over the weekend, and perhaps a couple of paracetamol, and a combination of cold then hot, then cold then hot treatments might help with the muscle problems you’re experiencing. Muscles are great things, but they do complain when we suddenly surprise them.

    With regard to the backscatter in your photographs: How very dare it. It simply cannot go around masquerading as orbs and pretending to be something it’s not.

    Tom … don’t beat yourself up or give yourself a hard time for things that you find difficult to change or for a lack of enthusiasm, or low energy levels, or indeed for the need to go to bed and get a few extra hours sleep. See what is staring you in the face. Recognise what it is that your body needs, and then act accordingly.

    With regard to keeping on top of blogland … and reading/liking/commenting on others blogs… I can only recommend the thing that I do which works for me. I visit my reader every day – in little time slots somtimes, just so that I can read at least one post and comment on it. Other times I will save it until later in the day and tell myself that I won’t stop until I’ve done all the new posts. This has a way of making me move ultra fast and read/comment then move to the next one. Give it a try – you may find it suits you. 😉

    And finally … as for painting … you’ve given yourself the perfect prompt for your next [waiting for you] painting: Time. brilliant prompt Tom. Go to it big boy!
    Sending a lorry load of squidges and a bucket of love ~ Cobs. x 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Cobs. You’ve given me a boost!
      The legs are fine now – in fact I went for a run last night. 250 steps on the spot, but that’s not bad for a beginner!!!
      I usually read posts through the reader, but on occasion I like to actually visit the site directly. I like looking at different themes and layouts, and it feels more like popping round for a short while rather than just sending an email. And when I say usually read posts, that is always time permitting… I’d rather have a good read than a quick glance.
      I very often tap into the subject of time – and one of my paintings for the Jodie Whittaker clues was of a clock in an empty room, so it is a fascinating subject to look at. I shall look more into this, Cobs… told you you gave me a boost! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you got the car fixed – I don’t own one, so I have NEVER broken down!!! 🙂

    I enjoyed this post as usual Tom: You have an interesting mind!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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