Dear Mobile Phone,
You have been a wonderful travelling companion these past two or so years, always on hand to make a quick call or take a quick photograph or even visit the internet. You have never let me down, until yesterday when you decided to constantly restart and now you won’t even switch on at all. Is it a coincidence that all this has started since I blocked calls from a company ‘associated’ with my network provider, who were constantly calling me looking for a sale, as the time is nigh for an upgrade? Too much of a coincidence, but if an upgrade is needed, then so be it. I will, however, be looking for my own deals and will not wait to be contacted by a salesperson.

Dear Mobile Network Provider’s Website,
I don’t use you very often. I have no need to. Everything (usually) ticks along fine. So, why is it, whenever I do need to use you, you always have a holding page saying you are making a few tweaks and you’ll be back shortly? It’s not just this time, as I really need to use you (see the previous letter), but almost every time I initially use you I get the message. You are very frustrating. I hope the tweaks are good ones, as you’ve been making them since last night… although it may even be longer as I only first tried you last night.

Dear Watercolour Inspiration,
Where have you gone? Today is 28th July, and I’ve managed to get to here by (mostly) creating a watercolour painting every day. There are three days left, and I don’t know if I can create another watercolour as the very thought of it leaves me dramatically underwhelmed. I’ve had fun creating the unique masterpieces I have done so far, but with them there was some form of inspiration behind them. Now, though, nothing. All I can say is let’s see what happens from now.

Dear New Beginnings,
How often must I start again? Reinventing myself and starting afresh is always exciting and pushes me forward in a new direction, but I’ve done it so many times recently that in itself has become old hat. I’ll just keep on keeping on for now, if you don’t mind.

Dear Hair,
It is time for you to go! A new haircut is desperately needed now, as you are so strong and long you will not stay in any kind of ‘style’ I attempt to put you in. And for my hair that is saying something.

Dear Damp Mornings,
You are playing havoc with my car first thing. Juddery and spluttery are two ideal ways to describe the first run of the day. The other morning, I discovered that it is possible to move forwards on the road, whilst being pushed backwards and forwards in the driver’s seat… and not in a fun way. Could you please try to be less damp? Thank you.

Dear El Cheapo Artist’s Paintbrush Set,
I haven’t tried to use any of you yet, since I bought you at El Cheapo’s, the bargain store, the other day (other bargain stores are available). I notice you have very specific cleaning requirements after use for some of your brushes. You don’t mention any particular flavour soup, so will tomato do?

Dear Back,
So nice to feel you aching again! Especially when I first stand up and have to take the next thirty seconds nice and slow and bent forwards at an unusual angle. Could you too be being affected by the damp mornings?

Dear Fun,
You seem to be lacking in this post, for some reason. I hope you return very soon, as I would much rather be light and fun than dark and broody.

Dear The Word Crenellated,
Such fun to discover you whilst looking for other words for ‘broken’… although the term doesn’t seem to fit for the ‘crenellated wall around the top of the castle’. That said, the ‘down’ bits, or the gaps between the wall could be classed as a broken wall, so I’ll let you off.

And to finish… Dear All,
Things change. Change is good, and is needed to move us forwards and to keep momentum going. Without change we’d never learn anything, advance our understanding of anything, or, dramatically, have a reason to keep on keeping on. Some changes are frustrating, and we could really do without them, but some are there to teach us that we can handle them, and therefore handle anything day by day, moment by moment. Don’t allow change to become bothersome, and just allow it. And, if you don’t like a particular change, well, you can always see about changing it!

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I mentioned my El Cheapo paintbrush set earlier, and it’s cleaning instructions. Here’s a photo of the instructions, just because:

Well, sometimes, seeing is believing!



  1. Sounds like you’re having one of those weeks Tom! 😦

    Washing brushes in soup – I’m sure soap and water will do! 😉

    Aren’t translations from other languages sooooo amusing??? 🙂

    God Bless my friend and Be Well! 🙂


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  2. Dearest, lovely Tom.
    We all have those weeks where life just drags you down a level, and it can be difficult to be the chirpy, upbeat person we are perhaps known to be.
    Don’t beat yourself up, or push yourself to change. Instead … allow yourself 24 hours of feeling (what I call) mizzbizz. 24 hours, but only 24 hours. If, at the end of 24 hours you still feel mizzbizz then you have to do something which will turn the tables on that nasty little gremlin which sat on your should whispering things which keep the Mizzbizz going.
    Go for a walk and only acknowledge things on that walk which give you a mental smile or some joy. Phone someone and ask them to listen to you while you moan like a blocked drain, and get every single niggling little bit of carp out. Then you might see that you feel empty of those things then and can move forward.

    Right … finally … the missing mojo for the watercolours. I can fix that one in a few seconds.

    Go and grab a book.
    Open the book on page 53.
    Count 9 rows down.
    Count 5 words in.
    What is that 5th word?

    Take inspiration from that word.
    However … if that word is something daft like ‘and’ ‘to’ ‘of’ or some other word like that, then either go down another line and go 5 in…. or… move forward one word and take that word as your inspiration.


    Loved this post … apart from the parts that needed fixing.
    Sending you warm fuzzy smiles, and sending positive vibes out into the Universe, with directions to reach you asap.
    love ~ Cobs. x

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