You Can’t Really Have One Without The Other!

Well. You canโ€™t have Herman without Lily now, can you?

26 Comments on “You Can’t Really Have One Without The Other!

  1. Great job Mr.Tom!
    She has a look of Joan Crawford, when she’s giving her ‘disdain’ look (pretty much all the time really).
    I love the wee moon in the background. Fabulous little detail.
    ~ Cobs.

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    • I had to have a look at Joan Crawford as I didn’t kn – er – couldn’t remember how she looked, but I saw the look you mention, Cobs.
      the Moon was an afterthought… I was using one of my new white pens and just tried it out! ๐Ÿ˜€

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          • There are other pens you could use with your watercolours. One to sign them. Also … you can either write your details and the details of the painting on the back of the ATC, or you can used a rubber stamp and just fill in the details.
            I can supply info on either or both of those things if you have an interest. But … you don’t ‘need’ them as a ‘rule’, it can just make things a tiny bit easier. ~ C

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            • I’ve never really considered stamps, Cobs, but I’ve seen a few items that have used them, and they look really good. I see stamps as the old rubber thingies and an ink pad although I’m sure there’s more to them than that. I don’t suppose you would have any posts created that focus on Stamps, have you, Cobs? I don’t want you to go into detail about them here, otherwise I’d just ask outright, but just wondered. For my signatures, I have a couple of Faber-Castell PITT artist pens (in black, to boot!) that I use. A bold one, and one with an S on. Not really sure what the S indicates, but I think of S on clothing and therefore small! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hehehe.

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              • Hello again Tom
                With regard to posts I’ve done which focus on stamps, I’ve done two, but I’m unsure if this is the sort of thing you want:

                Part 1:

                Part 2:

                But like I said … I’m not sure that either of these are what you’re after.

                I’m planning to (at some point soon) talk about labelling ATC’s and ACEO’s so that the art work is totally credited to the Artist involved in it’s creation – and I’ll show the way I do it, and how it could be done instead.

                ACEO’s (ATC’s) really are collectable. Either by swapping with an ATC painter (or some ATC painters) or by selling, or by making them into a card.

                Of course, you can simply paint and keep them for yourself.

                I think that if you found the right place – a nearby gallery with futuristic feeling about it, or some sort of (perhaps) National Trust House which has some artwork which you feel your art would fit in nicely with … I think you could mount them on a white 5″x7″inches good quality card (maybe a hammered card), with an envelope, in a cellophane bag (you can buy those pretty cheaply on Ebay) … I think some of your artworks would sell.

                But please, I beg you, keep painting. . . . and have faith in yourself.
                ~ Cobs. x

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                • Firstly, Cobs, thanks for the links… I’ve opened them already and will check them out later.
                  Secondly, I will return to painting, I’ve not given it up completely. I tend to let myself down by comparing what I do with others’ paintings, which I know that I shouldn’t. I have my own style, which does need tweaking and improving, but it’s still my style and I can only develop it by continuing to paint. I don’t want my style to be like anybody else’s so why I compare in the first place is beyond me… that’s my mind for you!
                  Regarding the ACEOโ€™s (ATCโ€™s), I think I’ll just do them for myself for now… and see about sharing them with the rest of the world later. I do like painting them, I have to say… but they don’t actually need to be painted, do they? Hmmm… ๐Ÿ˜€

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                  • Nope. They don’t need to be painted at all. So long as you stick to the size and don’t go outside that, you can glue, stick, adhere…. pictures, drawings, things you’ve cut out of a magazine, feathers, beads, sequins, ok…. I’ve gone a bit girly there. sigh.

                    I wouldn’t stick bolts or nuts (metal or the eating variety) to the ATC – as they’re a bit bulky and heavy … but you could really go to town with them.

                    Aw … I don’t know about talking you into making one, …. I’ve talked myself into one now as well! LOL. It’s almost midnight here and I’m all revved up wanting to venture into the craftroom. (I won’t …. it’s dark outside and the light will come on and make me feel like I’m on a stage, out there on the decking. (And besides … I can’t possibly do and song and a dance for the neighbours, while I’m wearing my jammies!!)

                    As for comparing …
                    Don’t underestimate yourself Tom, and don’t compare yourself with others. It’s our differences which make us unique.
                    Look in the mirror. HE’S the guy who’s YOUR competition.

                    Picasso, Michelangelo and Matisse had totally different styles – and yet, their art works all hang in galleries around the world and are highly prized.

                    There’s enough room for us all Tom. And all of us have to start somewhere and find our style. Find the way we really enjoy to create.
                    Comparison will kill you. Don’t do it kiddo – you’re too good for that.
                    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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                    • Aw, thanks, Cobs. That really is a boost!
                      I still have to read your posts – I did open them, and then got waylaid doing something else. I will do it. I will.
                      Enjoy your ATCing, Cobs! ๐Ÿ˜€

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