Broken branches
Thread and wrap themselves around each other
Entwined. Entangled. Enchanted.
Where they touch,
An echo of a tempestuous past
Where apart,
Wind whistles through
And now gnaws at the lifeless bark.
But with the wheel of life
Cobwebs weave and ring
In the oddest places,
Waiting for unsuspecting victims
To fall fowl to their sticky traps
Not a word from the owner of the lair
Patiently waiting, hidden,
Within the prints
Created by Nature’s fury

Debbie’s theme for her One Word Sunday photo prompt this week is ‘Entwined’. I thought it would be fun to entwine this post with Brenda’s Sunday Whirl, and a photo I took as I was out for my scorching walk yesterday. I was also toying the the idea of creating a hybrid button, The One Word Sunday Whirl, but this turned out to be impractical as I needed two links. So, if you’d like to see more takes on both of this week’s themes, the links are in the buttons above.


  1. Entwined … such a rich, fabulous word. It conjurs up so many mental pictures for it can relate to so many things.

    Love the photographs, and the poem.

    Although … I take issue with this bit:-

    “Cobwebs weave and ring
    In the oddest places,
    Waiting for unsuspecting victims”

    GASP! I do not. [pulls tongue out and waggles it furiously]
    And as for the
    ‘Not a word from the owner of the lair’ … [long sigh]
    Oh how I wish I was a human of few words. I try. I really do try. In fact my mother told me I was trying.

    Ahh… just joshing. I know it’s not about me. It was just too much of an offering not to have a little fun with it.

    But being serious: … this post has a charm about it which is uiniquely you, and that makes it fabulous.
    Happy Sunday Tom.
    ~ Cobs. 🕸

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    1. Ooh, thank you very much, Cobs.
      No offence was intended with the cobweb section, Cobs, (although as I wrote it I did think of you…) but there’s a cobweb in the photo so it was screaming at me to be used. And you can’t ignore a cobweb, can you? 😉
      Hehehe. And no worries.I know it was all in jest.
      Hope you had a fabulous Sunday! 😀

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  2. An excellent look at entwined Tom. The wife range of darkened light and some elements of non-focus suggest the psychological element of entwined.
    And your words are great – entwined in their own way

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Debbie.
      I always like trying to do something a little different with your themes, so couldn’t resist merging these two Sunday themes this week.
      I hadn’t noticed the out of focus parts on the photo, but they do add a little more depth, don’t they?


  3. Good poem Tom – the thought of cobwebs reminds me of the insect graveyard I found tucked behind my external radio thermometer when I changed the batteries earlier!!! 🙂

    No worries about disturbing the owner – it was one with its victims… 🙂

    God Bless!


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