Close your eyes
Ignite the power within
Don’t be surprised
As our journey begins
Breathe in and out slowly
Rest and relax
Commit yourself wholly
As we start making tracks
We walk through a wood
All dense and green
And everything’s good
Even those things unseen
We go into a trance
Right where we stand
We stop and give thanks
As we enter dreamland
Through shadow we float
And whisper we rise
Any thoughts we take note
They could be a guide
‘Though rancid thoughts repel
We don’t need them here
And on them don’t dwell
Just to be clear
Now onward we go, away from the crowds
Through vast open skies
Feel the touch of the clouds
Then down into the depths
Of the water below
Feel every ripple, go with the flow
Refreshing and clean
Coolness sharp as a pin
Invigorated and keen
We’ve invoked the miracle within
The power of the mind
Is there to be used
Use it well, use it wisely
It shouldn’t be abused
We’ve now reached the end
Of our meditation
Open your eyes and stretch
And give your thoughts consideration.


  1. It is very important to be able to unwind and think inwardly as we are so easlly waylaid by all the angst and issues of the world which puts us all on edge. Now have I time to do it!

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  2. Oh Tom, this is beautiful.
    Very well done, my fabulous wordsmith friend.

    I began reading and suddenly found myself ‘picked up’ and being carried along – a bit like surfing the crowd, but not.
    The words took me to the places it described and gave me the chance to experience that which it desired me to.

    Now all I need is a recording of you reading this, so that I can close my eyes and allow my mind to float free of my earthly being.

    Loved it Tom.
    ~ Cobs. x

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                  1. LOL.
                    Do you know, no matter how hard I try, I cannot disguise my voice. I’ve tried. REALLY tried. Even my friend – who was born and bred in Cornwall has tried to teach me just a short simple thing: “All right me lover?” (said in a Cornish way) … and what pops out of my mouth when I attempt that is nothing short of fantastically funny.
                    So I can relate. ~ C. x

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