Look ahead
Enjoy the view
See with clarity
What you want to do
Breathe in deep
Let inspiration flow
Take the first few steps
And away you go
Walk then run
Or leap then fly
Follow your dream
Reach for the sky


    1. Thanks, Jodi.
      No, I created it, but I didn’t paint it. I have some software called ‘Bryce’ which I use from time to time to create landscape and seascape images… I can use it better now than I used to be able to, I’m happy to say! I then tweaked the image in Photoshop Elements.

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  1. Loved that one sentence where you said ” And away you go…” Oh that it were so easy. This journey has been intense but so full of lessons along the way, like detours. Amazing time to be alive. Dream Big… VK 🙂

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    1. The thing is, VK, it shouldn’t really be that hard, if we were prepared and allowed ourselves to do it. We tend to hold ourselves back a lot more than we should. I know I do!
      And, oh yes… those detours don’t tend to help either! 😀
      Here’s to humongous dreams! 😀

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