Grandeur’ is Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week. I wanted something that would leap off the screen in a splendid and majestic way, but couldn’t think of anything quite so grand. I had a quick look through some old photos and came across these snaps which definitely display nature’s grand style. So,

They are a little ‘fuzzy’ as the bird wouldn’t stay still very long… nothing to do with my photography skills at all!

And whilst you’re here (if you haven’t already!) would you like to take a candle or two and spread a little light around the world? This link will take you to my post where you will find several candles to choose from. The candles are free to be taken, you don’t need to link back here or anything if you do take one/some/them, I simply created them so we can all share the light.


        1. And thank you for that, VK! I shall be over soon to check out your posts – I’ve just had a quick glance at your candle however and it is sitting happily there on your sidebar! Right now, though, sleep beckons for me. Good night, VK! 🙂

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          1. Yes, I find I have the same chronic eye lid malfunction. Damn those gremlins! WP has changed how Reader works too. I find I can no longer type in comments without going to the site. Not a bad thing I guess, but handy when time poor.

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            1. I haven’t noticed that about the comments as yet, Raili, but the font has changed on my reader, so it could have done. There’s always something new to get used to, isn’t there? At least this is fun, though! 😀
              Oh, and listen to your eyelids. I don’t. They’re screaming at me now!

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