Durn dun.

Don’t go in the water.

Imagine the scene.

You’re floating in the Lake, merrily minding your own business. Trying to get a shut eye or possibly two, dozing on a rather cool Winter’s afternoon.

Durn dun.

See it before you go swimming.

You feel a presence approaching.

Nonchalantly you pretend to ignore it, not fazed in the slightest… although pretending to snooze, you keep one eye open.

Durn dun dar dun. Durn dun.

Do you like ducks? Well, he likes you too.

Almost! In the nick of time you make a hasty and timely escape.

Would you go in the water again?


Introducing Tufty as the chosen victim, and Herbert as Beaks.

These do not need a bigger boat.

Not coming soon!


  1. Oh my Goodness….You have taken it to a whole new level 🙂 Herbert seems quite aggressive…Tufty better watch her back. Of course it is almost spring and we know what that brings forth 🙂 Happy weekend TL…VK

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    1. Hey there Prenin….yep…Spring will do it to them…Hope all is well there with you. I heard the Phoebe’s singing the other day so I know spring is close at hand. Thank God!!!! Be well my friend…VK

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      1. Hi VK! 🙂

        I have to apply for PIP as the government is playing games again.

        Take a benefit, change its name, then get everyone to reapply so you can thin the herd… 😡

        I’ve got neighbour issues with Doug Probert who is drinking his way through £19,000 he won on the lottery because he’s a nasty drunk and likes to get threatening and abusive when he’s had a skin full while Jed’s g/f owes me £44 from Christmas 2015 and £7 I had to give to a taxi driver after she used my phone to order a car, then did a runner!!! 😦

        I’ll let you know when I get paid back, but don’t hold your breath… 😦

        Love and hugs!!!


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        1. Good heavens Prenin…Bad times, BUT…..Try to concentrate on what is right in your world and not what is wrong….You are still breathing, you have people that care about you, you have the internet to communicate through and so much more…If you stay focused on the bad Prenin you will just manifest more your way. Break the cycle.! You are too good a soul not to…
          Blessings to you….VK 🙂

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