For #WorldWatercolorGroup

Today’s theme… Landscapes.

A very, very quick watercolour today as I try to fit the above image into an A4 size piece of paper… I got most of the features and none of the detail. Ah well, you have to actually be out there to appreciate it properly! It was raining when I took the photo, and there’s nothing more exhilarating than by being by a body of water in the rain. Mind you, I am Piscean, so it goes without saying really!



    1. Thanks, Hélène.
      Yes, it is nice on a warm day, I agree… but on a cold day, when each raindrop hits like a tiny sharp needle… now that gets the blood pumping! (And the legs going as you quickly run for shelter!) 😀

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    1. It’s difficult for me to reproduce a clear scene at present, Isadora, but I’ll keep practicing. It was more rain than mist on this day, but the photo does have that misty feel to it! 😀
      You have a good week also… it’s Monday here as well, although now it isn’t that long off Tuesday! 😀

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