Although, there is actually. Something to explain, that is.

You see, ‘There is nothing to explain’ is one of the lines from Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles, which is a track usually featured in the background of anyone participating in the Mannequin Challenge. I’ve seen it cropping up here and there, and most recently Honey G had the entire UK X Factor audience, plus the judges and the stage crew, frozen in time (and quite impressive to see it was too!) Being one with the crowd as I am, I had to bring the Mannequin Challenge to Blogland.

The question was ‘How?’

I decided the only way was through the digital snowman approach, and get some of the snowmen attending this year’s Snowman Convention to freeze… hehehe!, and not normally as snowmen do. Strangely enough, they were eager to please!

So, as you read this, frozen in time as you are, you too are participating in my Mannequin Challenge!

But really, there is nothing (else) to explain!

Have a good weekend!

And… Action! You may move again now. Start by giving yourself a pat on the back for taking part!!! Hehehe!


  1. I’m glad I popped in today. I am laughing to tears.
    I needed this laughter. I have a terrible cold. LAst time I was here I think you had one. By way of internet, did you happen to sneeze my way. LOLOL
    Isadora ☃️ 😎
    P.s. Going to take some meds and have tea with brandy.
    I’ll drop by agin when I feel a little better.
    Cheers … ☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, no, Isadora… hope you’re feeling better now. It may have been me that passed the cold on… I have shared it with quite a few people! 😉 I’m pleased I gave you a laugh as well – thank you for telling me that.


    1. It was good, Prenin, apart from one audience member in the front who couldn’t keep still for toffee and it really stood out as she turned her head. The rest was very good, however.

      Merry Christmas, Prenin!

      Liked by 1 person

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