I was just off floating around the Universe, as you do, when I noticed a flock of yellow feathery bundles on a passing asteroid. That’s very odd, I thought, and went over for a closer look. There, before my very eyes were several yellow canaries. They were all chirping merrily away, as if being on a lump of rock in outer space was the most natural thing to them. Naturally, I had to take a photo with my mobile phone, when one of them stood and proudly posed. The others looked on, as though it were a regular occurrence. Two quick photos later, the canary rejoined the others in the bundle, and they continued with their amazingly unique version of the dawn chorus. Well, it was more of a rock anthem, actually, what with them being on an asteroid.

My apologies. It’s them mushrooms, I tell ya!

Don’t forget: Party tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile


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