Before the Sun rises, the sky is dark
Trees, silhouetted, looking very stark
As the Sun rises, the sky turns pink
Sailor’s warning, one would think
As the day brightens, the sky starts to clear
But the chill in the air doesn’t disappear
A cool wind blows, bringing in cloud
Rain or snow? We think aloud
As the day passes the rain starts to fall
Icy cold droplets ‘til dusk makes its call
The gentle rain patters, no end in sight
Even as daytime turns into night
As the night passes, the temperatures drop
And as the clouds clear the gentle rain stops
Before the Sun rises, the stars shine above
Whilst, all around, frost takes a hold of


  1. Nice shot! Is it yours? Do you have that much snow? Well TL, we DID IT!!!!!!! Brexit2 has taken place, now who is next? Pretty soon all of the world is going to be released and freedom shall reign….VK 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Neither of these photos are mine, VK, they’re from Pixabay – I struggled writing this so quickly had to find a couple of images to go with the words.
      I wasn’t expecting your result, VK, what with all the negativity surrounding both sides… but yes, another change. They’re coming in thick and fast now, aren’t they? The world simply has to keep up!

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