I’ve been walking around the Grinds, armed with my mobilius phoneous and decided to take a few photos as we begin our journey into Autumn proper.


This chap seemed to want to come along on the walk with me, part of the way, anyway. Well, I walked, he flew. Fluttered. He’s a comma, and is quite common apparently, although he is the first one of his species I have ever seen. Gorgeous Autumn colours.


Next stop, the Lake. Tufty, the tufted duck, was there, posing for his photograph as usual. Some of his other duck friends hurried in to be photographed as well. Here’s a closer view of Tufty:


Further around, I found this duck ducking. Up and down beneath the water’s surface he went, popping up for air, and then going back down once more, almost tipping over onto his back. Very comical to watch, but he knew what he was doing.


Two of his friends watched his antics from the bank. They didn’t look too amused, but sometimes you can’t tell with ducks, can you?


And finally, proof, if it was needed, that Autumn is here. Still a lot of green about, but we are also being treated to golds, and reds, and browns, and yellows, and oranges.


And after that little jaunt, we are now back once again, for a nice little rest. Happy Autumn!



  1. Thanks for the stroll TL….Quite pretty looking actually. Perhaps a few bits of bread next time. Give ’em a toss to the ducks? Tufty looked quite moody. Perhaps he was hungry? Enjoy your fall as it descends upon you….VK πŸ™‚

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