Wordle: Washday


It was the final straw.
Clothes strewn across the floor.
Laundry basket upside down,
Socks writhed around the dressing gown,
Inside out tie dye shirts
And a major darks with lights alert.
Sunday bests with overalls
Deplorable… and that’s not all…
A new washing powder yet to try
Spring-fresh something with wild rye
And conditioner – that me doth smite
I ran out of it the other night –
Such challenges test us from time to time
Things to champion to clear the grime
But through hellfire or high water we must overcome
Under the guise of calmness it will be done.

14 comments on “Wordle: Washday”

  1. Aaah Laundry day!!! 🙂

    I wish I had room for a real washing machine, but my portable machine does the job so I guess I shouldn’t grumble! 🙂

    God Bless oh poetic one!!! 🙂


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