With a slight chill being carried on the gentlest of evening breezes, I sit, looking out of the window. I listen to the world settling down after another day.

The sky above is clear. Stars and the Moon share the limelight, neither stealing it from the other. An owl flies by, as if on cue, and carefully settles on a post, its features hidden by the darkness, yet its outline clearly defined by the Moonlight. After the briefest of rests, it takes off again. Up into the sky it heads, and vanishes, as if by magic, in front of my very eyes.

I close my eyes.

Seconds later, Iā€™m up above the town below, flying alongside the owl. We weave and dive and soar, connected to each other in flight only.

The owl dives before me once more, and I look down, where Iā€™m temporarily dazzled by a bright light below.

I look up again, and Iā€™m back looking out of my window.

Refreshed, yet relaxed all the same.


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